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Sujet HID on Denon sc5000 & x1800
i know some people, they 'are waiting since 6 month ago to have an update and hope my be have HID on their screen. and mapping on x1800
somebody can answer me to translate to ?

Posté Sat 27 Jun 20 @ 8:02 pm
up: nobody can answer me?

Posté Tue 07 Jul 20 @ 8:30 am
X1800 is supported.

SC5000 has been shown by djdad running a VDJ skin on the screen. The delay is more likely caused by Denon, not Atomix.

I think (my opinion) Atomix is ready to go, but Denon say no.

Posté Tue 07 Jul 20 @ 9:07 am