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Sujet Tellyvisuals
i've installed this but it's not showing in VDJ what so ever, i've installed it 3x

Posté Mon 06 Jul 20 @ 10:26 am
More info would be useful...

Where did you download it from? If you're running the 64 bit version of VDJ then plugins also have to be 64 bit.

Downloads are done from within VDJ now, and if a particular plugin isn't visible from there, then it's not compatible (see above).

Posté Mon 06 Jul 20 @ 10:33 am
downloaded it from here obviously, it's not compatible then which is crap

Posté Mon 06 Jul 20 @ 10:35 am
No it's not obvious, which is why I asked. Most addons need to be downloaded from within VDJ now (as I said).

Posté Mon 06 Jul 20 @ 10:37 am
Tellyvisuals is not an official VDJ plugin so therefore it wouldn't be in VDJ

EDIT: sorted found the x64 compatible one

Posté Mon 06 Jul 20 @ 10:40 am
It's not written by Atomix, no - but there are many plugins not written by Atomix.

The 64 bit versions are hosted offsite, but you need to pay for them.

Posté Mon 06 Jul 20 @ 10:47 am
i know that's what i'm going to do

Posté Mon 06 Jul 20 @ 10:56 am
It's probably because Don wants money for his plugins, and Atomix doesn't have that ability/facility.

You can see from the date of the plugin listed here, that it has been sitting stagnant. VDJ 64 bit came out two years later.

Posté Mon 06 Jul 20 @ 11:03 am
not exactly 'stagnant'. development and testing of the 64bit version has been progressing and with any luck we'll have not just a working beta but one ready to go fairly soon
there has been plenty of confusion and questions regarding the release of VirtualDJ 2021 and TV and TM.
As it stands now the 64bit TellyVisuals and TellyMedia are very much still BETA and not for live use. the 32bit versions still works fine on the 32bit VirtualDJ build - you just won't have stems to play with at same time. Work and testing on a newer version is still underway even despite some setbacks - including the pandemic situation - but please remember that Don is just one man doing all of this.
and if not in on the facebook group you can join to be kept up to date

Posté Mon 06 Jul 20 @ 12:14 pm
thanks but am not on facebook

Posté Mon 06 Jul 20 @ 1:06 pm I made my donation to Mr. Don Moir . He is the creator of the plugins. He gives you a key so you unlock more features of his plugins. I use both the 32bit and 64bit version. Years ago I was using PANGOLIN SMS and an old Motorola Razer for sms-texting. Now I am using this plugin with Pushbullet on my android phone. It works great with wifi (hotspot).

Posté Tue 07 Jul 20 @ 3:59 pm