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Sujet BPM Editor - variable bpm '1 of 4' question
When editing beatgrids in the bpm editor, my understanding is that when variable bpm is selected & 1 of 4 is ticked, when a beat anchor is added it should be added as the first beat of a phrase (ie the lightest grey in the editor). This does not appear to always be the case & the editor seems to decide for itself what the beat number should be.

Say for example I wanted to add an anchor at the position here:

Adding the anchor results in this:

If anyone could set me right about this it would be much appreciated!

Posté Tue 07 Jul 20 @ 2:53 am
I figured it out so for anyone else that is having trouble with this, ticking the 1 of 4 box apparently only works on existing anchors, not when you create them. So to set an anchor as the first beat, create it THEN tick the box, not the other way around.

Posté Tue 07 Jul 20 @ 8:49 pm