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Sujet Question about the new stems feature
I think the stems feature is cool but i have seen a similar type of code called Spleeter based off the company Deezer and is ran in python. i originally found out about this from Dylan Tallchief on YouTube. My question is weather the stem function is based off of Spleeter. I am just curious and I thought it was a really smart feature to add into your software.

Posté Mon 07 Sep 20 @ 7:34 am

Posté Mon 07 Sep 20 @ 8:43 am
Loving the stems features, but as with this type of tech, things move quickly.

I would love to think that the tech team are still working on this, as already demucs V3 is sounding far superior to vdj, albeit offline rather than real time. Vocals on that are super clean and without the underwater phasing artifacts.

If the competition is waiting on this tech, which they surely are, then it would be great for vdj to remain ahead.

Posté Sat 25 Jun 22 @ 1:59 pm