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Sujet Scripting for Multiple Camera Feeds
I have several camera feeds that I want to toggle during an event. I have two cameras — “USB Capture HDMI+” and “USB WebCam”. Trying to create a custom button that toggles between the two instead of using the toggle dial in the Camera Master box.

The script I am using is :
get_effect_slider_text 'USB Capture HDMI+'

But it is still not working. Any ideas? I have attached a screen shot of what the label is. Thanks for your help!

Posté Tue 02 Mar 21 @ 10:36 pm
Since its a slider, probably need to tweak the percentage of turning the dial to find the right spot

But something along this should do as a toggle button
deck master effect_slider "camera" 2 & param_bigger 50% ? deck master effect_slider "camera"  2 25% : deck master effect_slider "camera"  2 75%

Possibly in theory it could be something along :
deck master effect_string "camera" 2 "name of the camera"
But i dont have multicam to test that on this computer, and the effect might not accept such input ;-)

Posté Tue 02 Mar 21 @ 11:32 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
many solutions
best script (inho):

deck master toggle cnb & param_cast val & effect_slider camera 2

which switches between camera 1&2
(do not use padfx for master it doesn't work)

Posté Wed 03 Mar 21 @ 12:11 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
I tested : 'deck master effect_string "camera" 2 "Integrated Webcam"'
and second being 'Logitech QuickCam IM/Connect'
does not work because camera plugin currently does not expose any string

only sliders:
1: Opacity
2: Camera
3: Zoom
4: Chroma Key Strength
5: Camera switch speed

and buttons:

they all work

Posté Wed 03 Mar 21 @ 12:23 am
Thanks so much for your quick and great input. I will try these different solutions.

Posté Wed 03 Mar 21 @ 12:48 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
simpler working script without dummy variable to toggle effect_slider 2 of camera when 2 exist

deck master effect_slider camera 2 & param_invert & effect_slider camera 2

why it did not work in previous tests ?... script editor mystery

Posté Wed 03 Mar 21 @ 2:04 am