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Sujet mapping shift button combinations not working on DDJ-WeGO3
ViMarDJPRO InfinityMember since 2018
Hi Folks,
I'm messing around with the WeGO3, trying to assign a button "CUE_MIX" + "SHIFT" as a toggled "autoPitchLock" function. So far i didn't get it to work. strangely after a while trying to get the syntax right (I tried - toggle "SHIFT+CUE_MIX) the small window in the right upper corner of the MAPPING window, which shows the pressed buttons on the connected controller stopped to show the combined SHIFT + "BUTTON" state.

For example, when i hold "SHIFT", it's displayed in the according window. Now i press an additional button, it's displayed without the "SHIFT" button.
What could gone wrong, am i missing some point?
Already restarted controller + PC without effect.


Posté Tue 28 Jun 22 @ 7:48 pm