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Sujet vdj is exporting playlist without any id3 tag
Hello, I just bought a full virtualdj license so I can sync my usb flash drive with my library that is mainly for video dj, I tought it was the perfect tool, but I ran into some problems, I use a denon dj prime 2 console, It supports drives with a rekordbox library, but the id3 tags just dissapear, I end up seeing just the title of the song, no artist, no genre nor anything else.
Then I tought, what if I export the playlist with just the audio and then import it in Engine Dj. But everytime I export a playlist, every file that was transcoded from video to audio gets exported without any kind of tag. The information is there, in virtual dj the videos have tags in it, but all the information gets ignored when I export to audio.
Audio files do get exported with the full id3 tag, but none of the video files.
Ok so basically, Denon have issues using a rekordbox library, so I need to export a playlist to import it in the Engine Dj software, I just need the audio files to get exported with the tags that are already in the video files and the vdj database.
This is a incredible tool for vjs like who sometimes have to use cdjs or a all-in-one console and I think this is an issue that can be solve.
I'm in a pc laptop, with windows 11 and the latest build of vdj

Posté Wed 29 Jun 22 @ 8:47 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Are you sure genre and other missing data are id33 tags and not VirtualDJ database fields ?
Open one of those video files that dont export their tags with Tag Editor and post a screenshot here.

Posté Thu 30 Jun 22 @ 5:33 am
Use the CDJ export option, it works a bit better with Denon. You get the usual id3tags, HotCues, Memory Cues and Saved loops. Engine DJ will ignore provided BPM and Key, though.

Posté Mon 04 Jul 22 @ 5:02 pm