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Sujet Help!!I Just Purchased Atomixmp3,I Am Having Problems?

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I purchased atomixmp3 and i'm having problems with the sound. The sound is choppy and not smooth, it seems to
struggle with the playback. when i play the mp3 with winamp it does not do this.
i have a pentium 2 with 233mhz and as well i have a soundblaster live mp3 soundcard.

please help me because i love this program but i want better sound.
thank you,

Posté Sun 07 Jan 01 @ 12:39 am
Hi, try disabling the Master Tempo.
With a 233 mhz you are kind of cutting it close.
Also, try closing applications you don’t need.
Hope this help.


Posté Sun 07 Jan 01 @ 6:45 pm
Hi i have a sony 550 K6 Laptop 128 ram Running windows Me and i have a problem with songs Pausing for about 2 sec. this happend about ever 3 to 4 songs. it will also pause for 2 seconds if i drag and drop a song in the playlist while another song is playing. and i have no other applications running when this happends Please help because i feel this is the best program out ther 4 any d.j if i could just get rid of this Problem it would be on then!!!!

Posté Tue 09 Jan 01 @ 4:08 am
I have the same problem, i use the function where i can scan in al my mp3 cd's, but when a song is playing and i load a song from the drive, it stops less then a second, but it's not the way it shoot be.
I also use atomix when we are out playing with the diso, its a good program, it just needs a phew ajustments

Keep up the good work


Posté Sun 28 Jan 01 @ 11:35 pm

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