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Sujet Atomix won't play with 3d sound card selected

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any configuration with 3d sound card will not play for me, I hit play and the play button chnages to pause symbol but the music doesn't move, no sound. When I select 2 sound cards, or just the basic one sound card the decks play no fine.... I am using a Turtle Beach, Santa Cruz, on Win ME, PIII 866 mhz, 128 ram.

I submitted this problem to SUPPORT about a week ago, but still no answer, maybe someone else out there knows how to solve this.... thanks!

Posté Fri 02 Feb 01 @ 3:18 pm
I don't know about the Turtle Beach cards, but with my SB live card, I had to turn on the surround feature before both outputs worked. Try looking around in your Turtle Beach config software.

-DJ John-o

Posté Tue 13 Feb 01 @ 10:44 am

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