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Sujet Chill......aiight?

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KoolKipHome userMember since 2001
I love my Atomix 1.12 and I'm sure 1.13 will be banging when it drops, so jus' be patient. I don't understand why peoples be gettin' so heated over the situation. If it's about bread & butter, drag out your 1200's in their flight cases, then carry your record crates up and down the steps a few times and I'm sure you'll quickly remember how much fun Atomix 1.12 is.


Kool Kip

Posté Sat 03 Feb 01 @ 12:36 am
Is this a good time to start handing out chill pills? :P

Posté Sat 03 Feb 01 @ 3:34 am
Just got done with the flight case exercise.. thanks for the tip.. lol

Posté Sat 03 Feb 01 @ 6:43 pm

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