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Sujet Whats in a name.....

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As I was wandering about the forums, I looked at a few of the alias's used here, with some you can tell what Genere they play with others not. I was wondering how some of you came to be known by your names, where they given (From past experiance) or did you just create them. I'll start with mine.


Mine is a kind of play off alot of things, first off I am Native American (Sitsiska), So thats one way, Next my mainstream is hiphop/rap, people associate the name with it. I was nicked that when I was a Firefighter (along time ago) And the 247 stands for 24 hours a day 7 days a week, For I am allways me, I am real, and this is how I treat people with no BS. Do ya feel me? ;)

Posté Mon 06 May 02 @ 12:27 pm
I can feel ya! :)

..well.. my nick is pretty self-explanatory I recon:
I was just wondering what my email-adress would be and then suddenly it just popped into my mind... TOMMY 2TALL!

I think it has most of its' roots roots in my lousy (almost non-existant) self-esteem and the fact that I'm 2,03 meters tall.. I was taller than most of my teacher at age 13 :o)
However a certain DJ called Tall Paul probably influenced me a bit too.. not that I'm familiar with his style, I've just read some UK club-magazines and liked his name :o)

Posté Mon 06 May 02 @ 1:30 pm
Well .... I have had this alias for emails, logins, etc. for the past 6 years. I really wanted to change it ... but since I have used it so much, I can never forget it.

Trip like I do is an amazing song by the Crystal Method, on an album which came out in 97.

If I could ... I'd change my name to DJ Proc.

Posté Mon 06 May 02 @ 2:40 pm
( @trip: I just KNEW it... "I've got the understanding of a 4 yrs old...." ;)

Posté Mon 06 May 02 @ 2:49 pm
We are the same hieght Tommy; I know what you mean about being tall at an early age, I used to allways be asked the same stupid queston when I was young "Can you slam it?" (In reference to dunking a basketball) And I don't even play the sport let alone like it too much. But being tall has its advantages, one and the best IMHO Women love tall men. :)

Posté Mon 06 May 02 @ 3:34 pm
HomeboyPRO InfinitySupport ManagerMember since 2003
My registered nick is homeboy25, I probably could have been more creative but when I was assigned an e mail address I asked for homeboy, they said it was taken so they gave me homeboy25. I am good at remembering things but figured I should keep things simple and stick with it. I am known as DJ homeboy but we can't change our nick after we register or so I am told. The name homeboy stuck with me since I worked as Bartender in a resteraunt, thats what the cooks called me.

DJ Homeboy

Posté Mon 06 May 02 @ 4:06 pm
DJ RickPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Well, for 6-8 years my e-mail address was However when I switched over to cable rick was already taken. I couldn't have it without adding numbers. So I used my company name "Impressions" with the DJ added as an after thought. If I had been thinking when I joined this forum I would have just used DJ Rick as my nick. But, I'm stuck with this one now... It could be worse. I've been using various online services since the Commadores first accessed Q-link. My nick has always been my name. I've never been one to sit behind an alias. I say what I think, sometimes it's intelligent, sometimes it's not.
Musically I carry pretty much every imaginable type of music. I try to add 10-20 songs a week. I watch the billboard charts, (hot 100 & club play) as well as a couple of local radio stations play lists. Right now my drive had about 65 gigs of songs. Most of these are from 13 years of DJ archives.

Posté Mon 06 May 02 @ 5:56 pm
NaDeRHome userMember since 2002
too complicated,i just use my name,its weird enough! without a nick


Posté Mon 06 May 02 @ 7:31 pm
ikkeHome userMember since 2003
To explain my nick: "ikke" means "me" in Dutch.

Posté Mon 06 May 02 @ 9:15 pm
DJtalonHome userMember since 2001
DJ Talon comes from the name I have used on chat, forums, bbs's, and everything since way back in the day - just plain Talon everywhere but here.

It's not after the car, of course, but rather the claw :D

I'm a 24 year old why guy, Canadian, and I mix a lot of trance, some house, some rave hardcore.

Posté Tue 07 May 02 @ 6:57 am

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