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Sujet I wish your spelling would improve...

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Developped?!?!?! (As in the top of this page)

and 'kickoff your DJ'?!?!?!

Surely you mean 'developed' and 'kick off your Dj'ing'?

Kick off your DJ would imply going to your local club, finding the DJ and kicking him off the stage. A very anti-social thing to do.

Kick off your DJ'ing however would make sense.

Posté Wed 11 Apr 01 @ 11:31 pm
Yan-XPRO InfinityHonorary memberMember since 2003
it is just an error of typing!

Besides, we are french so if you want, we can re-write all the website in french ;-)

Posté Thu 12 Apr 01 @ 1:22 am
LOL Weldone Yan! Good answer!

But please dont write the website in French! Some of us can live with bad spelling, after all the once you are in the mix who cares about spelling????

Posté Thu 12 Apr 01 @ 9:01 pm
ok, point taken, i'd rather have english than french, i don't speak a word of francais.

Anyway, your english is very good, far better than my french!

Posté Sat 14 Apr 01 @ 1:53 pm
FontHome userMember since 2001
I'll second that. Son far you guys are getting the message across.


Posté Sun 22 Apr 01 @ 6:27 pm
"i don't speak a word of francais"
yes, you do. francais is french for french
but yesh, keep it in english for the love of god

Posté Tue 24 Apr 01 @ 1:31 am
I don't see the problem with "going to your local club, finding the DJ and kicking him off the stage" :)

Posté Thu 26 Apr 01 @ 8:28 pm

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