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How about issuing a complimentary program for atomix that allows you to put in tracks on your mix with no pause at all between tracks and then burn it to a cd?

I used one program to put track numbers at the points i wanted them on my mix before burning it to a cd but there was a slight glitch whenever it went over to the next track, spoiling the mix. The program wasn't meant for non-stop mixes and i can't find one that is.

And it would provide more money for you.

Posté Thu 12 Apr 01 @ 12:18 am
Yan-XPRO InfinityHonorary memberMember since 2003
don't worry....... I can just advise you to wait next version in order to have a surprise....

Posté Thu 12 Apr 01 @ 1:23 am
Yan stop fuckin promising and shit, show us the work, all those empty promises, suprises you are telling, they all seem like a BS, why do we need all at once, a little upgrade is ok, do it step by step, not all the upgrades at the same time so that we can support you with other ideas.

Posté Thu 12 Apr 01 @ 2:08 am
cTigerHome userMember since 2001
don't be so impatient (speeling???)

Posté Thu 12 Apr 01 @ 7:06 pm
hello how are you...well i figured it out...all you do is cut the wav file into seperate tracks and then use neroburner to burn...and you will have a clean mix with no glitches...check out my mixes online goto DJ SUPERS....on napster

If you need more info email at

Posté Tue 01 May 01 @ 7:10 am
Hi supers - thats what i used to do till DJ R!SC pointed out a far easier (and memory efficient for your hard drive) way of achieving the same result....

Use CDRwin which supports cue lists - you just write a small text file with the cue points in mins:secs:frames (where frames are 1/75th of a second), load the cue list and CDRwin does the rest.

All of my mixes on my site have been done with atomix and I burn them to CDs as one long .wav with the necessary cue list.

Posté Tue 08 May 01 @ 11:56 pm
I do the same Dave.... alot easier than splitting everything up.

Posté Wed 09 May 01 @ 1:09 am

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