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Sujet real decks

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hey, does anyone think that they can make a skin with pictures of real decks. cause that would be on as. they only problem is finding the pictures for it.

Posté Thu 07 Mar 02 @ 10:58 am
yeah it's hard to find!the right pictures of them i made 3 skins with real decks they r good but the dimensions of the pictures are too small i need 1024*768 pixels pic.of the decks and i wanna make them 2.1 compatible

Posté Thu 07 Mar 02 @ 12:58 pm
those skins already exist!!! Just look at the add-ons section (skins)... I believe there are some pioneer skins etc.

Posté Thu 07 Mar 02 @ 1:08 pm
mixalisPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Denon DN 2500 F skin coming soon. Real deck (photo)

Posté Thu 07 Mar 02 @ 9:39 pm

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