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Sujet What's The Best Skin For 2.1?

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DJ XHome userMember since 2002
Mine is Denon. The layout is good and it's easy to read


Posté Sat 30 Mar 02 @ 1:09 am
DJtalonHome userMember since 2001
I use JN Silver, it's very functional, and looks good. The beat lights are also very useful.

Posté Sat 30 Mar 02 @ 11:13 pm
Greece pro 2,1 (update) is very easy to use in the club. Looks great.

Posté Tue 02 Apr 02 @ 11:17 pm
DJ RickPRO InfinityMember since 2003
There's a bunch of them out there. Check out the JN Classic 3rd version, and the silver. The darkfun skins are pretty cool too. The BPM is cool, actually most of the high res skins are cool. It's a matter of taste tho. Look at all of them and pick your own favorite.

Posté Wed 03 Apr 02 @ 2:03 am

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