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Sujet Help! Start Two Songs At The Same Time

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alexijHome userMember since 2007
I no theres prob a really simple way to do this, but i cant figure out how to start two songs simultaniously, because if the beat comes in straight away i dont have time to play both and sync them

can someone please give me some advice


Posté Thu 26 Jul 07 @ 8:48 pm
spinnaJPRO InfinityMember since 2004
I assume u are using a mouse:)).. k .. click on deck 1 n ur hand on the space bar, then at deck 2, ur other hand get ready to click on the mouse on the play button.. Then get ready .. both n there u have it:))

Posté Thu 26 Jul 07 @ 9:05 pm
alexijHome userMember since 2007
thanks very much

Posté Thu 26 Jul 07 @ 9:09 pm
spinnaJPRO InfinityMember since 2004
:).. Enjoy

Posté Thu 26 Jul 07 @ 9:11 pm
Keyboard shortcuts ..the ones that work for me are .. " / " and " * " on the numpad .. / for Deck A and * for Deck B ..really simple

Posté Sat 28 Jul 07 @ 11:35 pm

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