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No license user
Posté Fri 24 Aug 07 @ 1:43 am
Before you say it, I've looked everywhere to see how i can connect my Numark DXM09 mixer to my PC and use virtual DJ. I have a Sound Blaster Audigy 1 soundcard. Just tell me what I need to buy from my electronics store and I'm gonna go get it and how to set it up. Please. Having this mixer is killing me when I can only stare at it.

My set up is just my mixer and PC with VirtualDJ. I'll set up the sons on the software and use the mixer to mix. Please help and tell me what to get. I don't have any turntables. Just a mixer and pc.


Atomix Productions
Posté Fri 24 Aug 07 @ 1:48 am

1 ) In Virtual DJ select EXTERNAL MIXER as output, in soundcard setting

2) Connect RCA("Phono") cables from your soundcards outputs, into two seperate channels at your external mixer

Thats it, go mix ;)


No license user
Posté Fri 24 Aug 07 @ 2:11 am
Here's my set up so far. I got my PC. The outputs (analog or digital?) going to two seperate channels on my mixer. Then from the mixer, two audio cables connect to my stereo system to play the music. What am I doing wrong, I don't hear anything.


Atomix Productions
Posté Fri 24 Aug 07 @ 2:23 am

Debug ;)

1) Put a headset into the soundcard outputs... if you can.. any sound ? if so, VDJ and soundcard OK

2) are there any PEAK indicators at your mixer? if not, there is no sound input

3) did you connect right ? To LINE IN at back of mixer, and switch to LINE IN at top of each channel

4) Each channel have a VOLUME slider. IS this up? and also a gain knob (usually). Is this up ?


No license user
Posté Fri 24 Aug 07 @ 4:33 am
1) There is sound coming out from the car when my output on virtual DJ is a mixer.
2) No
3) From my soundcard you have left and right. Left digital audio wire is connected to the Line In on Channel 3 on the mixer.
Right digital from the card is connected to the Line In on CH1. Both are connected to the left channel line in. Tried the volume slider but nothing. I don't get it.

The back of the numark dxm09 has a line and phono in. plus a switch. it's all connected to the line and the switch is made to the line

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