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Posté Tue 22 Apr 08 @ 3:11 am
Hi Guys i have downloaded the Virtual DJ Trial Version and must say im very impressed and think about switching from Traktor to Virtual DJ
but before i will buy the Soft there are 3 important questions:

- is Virtual DJ in actuall Version (5.0.7 i think) compatible with SP3 for Windows XP or do anybody have problems with that configuration?
does anybody generally have experiences here about SP3 for xP and his performance?

- Is it possible to change the Resolution of the Pitchbend Buttons in the Virtual DJ Standard Skin ? Because i think the react to much when i press this buttons the pitchbend is very much hearable mostly when voices are played, i need a finer resolution

- Is there something wrong with the Mastertempo in Trial or will it be better with the Pro Version? Some Songs are ok but with some Songs the Keylock is unusable because its sound very bad with doublebasses , crackling voices and so on , when i set the best setting in Performance it sounds much better (but also not as perfect as traktor or ssl) and will overload my System (stuttering waveforms , all become slow in gui) and that on a Core2Duo 1,66GHZ CPU