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Sujet VDJ 5.1 pro compatible with M-audio fast track ultra sound card?
2cdj-1000mk2 and djm-800 mixer all hook up correctly. Inputs: 2 timecodes.. Outputs: one external mixer...Sound cards: Asio driver..Timecode Config. here is the problem the Timecode quality: O%. i try auto-config. didnt work and try all other modes still jumpi on BPM graphic of VDJs. Been searching online if anybody else have the same problem what i have M audio fast track ultra with VDJ software. Any comments kindly would be appreciate. tks

Posté Thu 21 Aug 08 @ 7:02 pm
TearEmUpPRO InfinitySenior ModeratorMember since 2006
What kind of ASIO soundcard? Not all are suited for time code use....

Posté Thu 21 Aug 08 @ 7:03 pm
ASIO driver: M-audio usb 2.0 asio

Posté Thu 21 Aug 08 @ 7:06 pm
Use the M Audio Connectiv sound card. Not the fast track pro.. The connective runs for about 250 and it works nice plus it it has a ground connection for your turntables.

Option 2 is to buy Virtual Vinyl. You are getting everything in one complete box and its compatable with each other. Audio interface, time code vinyl, Time code cds & Cue plus updates

Posté Thu 21 Aug 08 @ 11:26 pm