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Sujet Mix tempo function mysteries????
The only time I use automix is when I need to go for a piss and a smoke and have always been okay knowing that the songs will not likely be beatmatched while I'm away. I've recently come to the realization though that if VV does a train wreck of a mix while I'm taking a piss that anyone on the dance floor might assume I did a crappy mix and my pride can't handle that lol. So I've recently started mucking around with the various automix options. I know that the star next to the bpm in the browser window means that "allow" has been enabled for "mix tempo" on that particular track. The funny thing is I don't even recall clicking the "Edit AutoMix" tab in the BPM window more than a couple of times out of curiosity, yet many many tracks have a star next to them (most of which seem to be house tracks). Seeing as I never clicked on allow for "mix tempo" for all these tracks, then how did that option get activated?

Anyways, what I'd like to know is... how do I allow "mix tempo" for ALL my tracks in one fell swoop? There is no way in hell I'm gonna do it one by one for 20,000 tracks. Please help, it's driving me nuts that I can't figure this out for myself!!!

Posté Sun 16 Nov 08 @ 11:36 am
Just to add, it seems when adding brand new tracks for the first time, some automatically set to "mix tempo" and the star shows up next to the bpm, and others don't. What is the deciding factor determining whether that little star does or doesn't show up??!!!!!

Posté Sun 16 Nov 08 @ 12:12 pm

Posté Fri 28 Nov 08 @ 5:40 am
cstollPRO InfinityMember since 2004
From the manual - Asterisk ( * ) in BPM column – identifies tracks that have a pronounced beats per minute (BPM) rhythm for use with Beatlock and Tempo Automix actions.

Laymans terms - The asterisk ( * ) means that the rhythm of the track is well formed and consistent. When used with automix if two tracks are wellformed (asterisks *) and within the pitch range set, then the automix will use Mix Tempo and mix the two tracks.

Posté Fri 28 Nov 08 @ 7:33 am
spinnaJPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2004
Good explanation there chris;)

Posté Fri 28 Nov 08 @ 1:20 pm
Thanks for your explanation. I must have a different manual because mine makes mention of the asteriks but does not mention the criteria that the tracks must fall under in order to get an asterik next to it. My manual says:

"The Mix Tempo points are used in the SMART automix mode, where VirtualDJ will only beatmix if the ‘Allow’ for Mix Tempo is checked on both songs (a song with Mix Tempo allowed has a star next to its bpm)."

So as you can see, it says what a song with a star next to it is, but not what determines it's "star status" so thank you for clarifying. And for the record, I'm the first to check the manual thoroughly before making a post.

What's odd is there are many songs in my collection that have a significantly pronounced beat yet have not been given "star status" by VV. For example, "Disturbia" by Rihanna, and "just Dance" by Lady Gaga both have very prominent 4/4 beats yet VV doesn't seem to see it (see for yourself, those two tracks have perfect 4/4 waveforms). I wish the user had the ability to assign a star to a track at will rather than let VV determine it's star status, because to be quite honest it's a little hit or miss at the moment. It's really not that big of a deal, I would just like to be able to go for a piss break knowing that VV won't execute a train wreck of a mix.

Posté Sun 30 Nov 08 @ 7:48 am