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Denon DJ - SC LIVE 4 - Disposition  


  1. PADS 8 RGB Performance Pads offering functionality depending on the selected Pad mode.

  2. PAD MODES. Use these buttons to select one of the 4 available modes for the Pads.

    When moving from one Pad mode to another (first press of the Pad mode button), the primary Pad modes will be offered: Hotcues, Auto Loops, Loop Rolls and Slicer

    When one of the primary modes is selected, press the same Pad mode button again (2nd press) to get one of the secondary Pad modes :CueLoop, Saved Loops, BeatJump and Sampler

    Each time a mode is selected, a Page will be selected and displayed on the Pads section of the default VirtualDJ skin

    The default pre-selected Pages can be changed to your preference. See .. https://www.virtualdj.com/manuals/virtualdj/interface/decks/decksadvanced/pads.html#controller

  3. PARAMETER < > Use these buttons to adjust the Parameter 1 (if available) of the selected Pads page
    Hold SHIFT down and then use these buttons to adjust the Parameter 2 (if available) of the selected Pads page

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