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Numark - ORBIT  

Configuration avancée

The wheel of the Orbit is offering 2 different modes to choose, a relative mode and an absolute mode. The unit is pre-defined to use some specific modes for the wheel, depending on the K mode and the PAD BANK modes, but also gives you the ability to change this and use one or the other, depending on the actions you wish to change and assign to the wheel.

How to:
Open the Settings of VirtualDJ and go to the CONTROLLERS tab. Select the Numark Orbit and search for the ONINIT key. You then see in the action filed some parameters assigned to value 1. Value 1 means Relative and provides the ability to use the wheel as “Jog” or endless encoder. Value 0 (variable not present in ONINIT) means that the wheel is assigned as an absolute knob (aka as slider)

The variables have this form: $jogrelmAkB.

mA means PAD BANK mode A (1 to 4) and kB means K mode (1 to 4). So if you wish the wheel to operate in the Relative mode in PAD BANK 3 and K mode 2, you need to add …
set “$jogrelm3k2” 1 and re-launch VirtualDJ (or right-click on the Numark Orbit and choose Reconnect)

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