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 DENON MC 6000IPressNPlay Custom Mapper

Custom Mappers
Downloads: 15 748

Copy, empty and load deck all with one button (LOAD A/B). Scroll through the music with the jog wheels when decks are empty.Middle track button adds tracks to sidelist instead automix. Plus more stuff.

Available on : PC Mac PC (32bit)

 La Mia Libreria

Database Filters
Downloads: 4 191

AGGIORNAMENTO 2020: lo strumento essenziale per gestire il tuo database VirtualDJ, con cartelle intelligenti per individuare rapidamente le tracce presenti nella tua raccolta.

Available on : PC Mac PC (32bit)

 Chinese (Traditional) 2020

Downloads: 5 167

台湾、广东、香港、澳门用户专用,现已支持VirtualDJ2021。臺灣、廣東、香港、澳門用戶專用,現已支持VirtualDJ2021。(For Hongkong/Taiwan/Guangdong/Macau users,VirtualDJ2021 is now supported).

Available on : PC Mac PC (32bit)