I get an error message saying that my database is corrupted

IMPORTANT: Before carrying out any of these instructions, make sure that you have made a backup of your database.

To fix this problem, go to CONFIG -> Browser, choose each drive in turn where you have music stored and click on CHECK and then FIX.

You can remove the old redundant database entries for songs that no-longer exist by clicking on CLEAN.

If you are using VirtualDJ LE, this option may not be available. Use Home FREE instead with your MIDI controller disconnected to perform the above tasks.

If you are using a much older version of the software (E.g: v3.4 Console Edition), then these options do not exist. You will need to restore your database from your backup.

Alternatively, you can try editing the database file directly to try to correct the problem. In v3.* and earlier, the database was located in C:\Program Files\VirtualDJ.) Make a backup copy of the database file, then open it in a text editor. Scroll down to the very bottom of the file. You will probably find that the closing </xml> tag is missing. Add this back again and save the database file.

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