Removing songs from playlist and sidelist by dragging

If you find that songs keep mysteriously appearing in your virtual folders that shouldn't be there (E.g: Rock song in R'n'B folder, chart song in 80's folder, etc.) then this may be caused by the way that you are removing played or unwanted songs from the playlist or sidelist sections of the VirtualDJ browser.

If you remove songs from these by dragging them back to the middle songs section, then this will add them to the virtual folder if one is currently selected in the folders section of the browser.

To avoid this, either make sure that you do not have a virtual folder selected or click on the song in the playlist/sidelist and then press the DELETE button to remove it.

NOTE: If pressing DELETE doesn't work, make sure that the focus isn't on the browser search box. To clear the search, click on the search box and then back on the song in the playlist/sidelist again.

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