VirtualDJ 8 Timecode

What is Timecode?

Timecode or DVS (Digital Vinyl System) is a special audio signal recorded on a standard vinyl record or audio CD that allows the use of traditional vinyl or non-MIDI capable CD decks to control song playback in VirtualDJ.

VirtualDJ 'listens' to the audio signal coming from the timecode record/CD playing on the vinyl/CD deck and can determine the song position, what speed it's playing at and which direction, allowing this to be replicated on the virtual decks in VirtualDJ. Turntables with timecoded vinyl and CD players with timecoded CDs can be used to control the VirtualDJ decks.

If you wish to use timecode with VirtualDJ, please see the appropriate section of the user manual for complete instructions:

MANUAL Timecode Setup & Configuration

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