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Sujet Windows 8 - Page: 6
I could be dead by 2020 lol so i will go for that win7 pro

Posté Fri 09 Nov 12 @ 9:36 am
Does Virtual Dj work with windows 7 or 8?

Posté Wed 28 Nov 12 @ 1:24 pm
Works well with Win 7, have a read of this thread to read what people think about Win 8.


Posté Wed 28 Nov 12 @ 1:31 pm
djreneePRO InfinityMember since 2004
Moving from and old machine running Vista to new system with Win 8. I haven't had a computer crash /issue in a few years.
I'm having the same feeling I did when I got married the first time. I hope this move works out better than the first husband.

Posté Wed 28 Nov 12 @ 6:45 pm
I'm using Windows 8 on a clean install and VDJ 7.3.

Two significant things I've experienced;

1) I play 100% videos and have noticed that the video drivers must have been radically improved as the screen output is much better defined. It's like going from an ordinary output to HD output, it's that significant..... and that is through composite video for distribution.

2) I had lots of trouble with the skin I was using as it was not the native screen size and was stretched. This caused sound dropouts and shuddering. Switching to the standard VDJ skin solved these problems. I truly believe that this was because of the change in the video drivers as mentioned above. I have used this skin stretched for over 2 years on Windows 7 without any of these problems.

Everything is running smoothly now, just be aware of the above.

Posté Wed 28 Nov 12 @ 7:28 pm
Hello I am looking to upgrade my laptop to windows 8 are there any flaws concerns with running VDJ that I should know about before I do it

Posté Sun 27 Jan 13 @ 11:45 am
In general VirtualDJ itself will work with Windows 8, however before upgrading you must check that all hardware that you intend to use is compatible.

NOTE: If Windows 7 is working well for you, then there is no need to upgrade and little benefit doing so, especially if your laptop is dedicated to DJ use.

Never upgrade or make major changes to your system just prior to going to a gig.

Posté Sun 27 Jan 13 @ 12:26 pm
djmikeyb wrote :
Hello I am looking to upgrade my laptop to windows 8 are there any flaws concerns with running VDJ that I should know about before I do it

I've recently bought a new pc that was installed with W7. I upgraded to W8 and installed all my drivers for the V7's & NS6. Worked flawlessly. The only thing that didn't work was my Blu-Ray DVD player to play movies. Windows said that not all of the drivers from W7 haven't been updated as of yet. Other then that no problems for DJ'n what so ever. But like always, Never make any drastic upgrades to your gig machine without extensive testing many scenarios before live gigging.

Posté Sun 27 Jan 13 @ 3:16 pm
Hallo everybody,

I both the Utrabook Duo11 from Sony with i3 and 4 GB RAM and W8. Which DJ SW could you advice me? I have a Hercules DJ Control MP3 E2. It's enough for a DJ Amateur?



Posté Mon 25 Feb 13 @ 2:57 pm
Should work fine with Virtual DJ 7 if you are just playing audio. No use for a video DJ though as it doesn't have dedicated graphics.


Posté Mon 25 Feb 13 @ 3:01 pm
Hi, Thanks for your quickly answer. I'll use it only for Audio. :-)

Have a nice day.

Posté Mon 25 Feb 13 @ 3:12 pm
salut j aimerai installer virtual dj sur windows 8 mais je sais pas comment

Posté Mon 04 Mar 13 @ 1:02 pm
Sorry, this forum is for English language messages only.

Please either post your message again in English or use the appropriate language forum at the bottom of to post in your own language.

Posté Tue 05 Mar 13 @ 5:17 am
Well yesterday was the final straw for me and Windows 8!

I merely went to turn on my backup laptop to download whatever Windows updates there were - and the damn thing wouldn't boot.

Since being upgraded from 7, it had probably been used about 5 times max.

After a quick online chat to MS help, the best course of action was to make a Windows 8 DVD and use that to repair the installation. So I use another computer to download Windows 8 again and burn it to a DVD. However, none of the repair options work. They all say "this option is not supported..." What the hell? Why not? It's a Windows 8 DVD and I'm trying to repair Windows 8!!!

So I use the online MS chat support again and get told that Windows 8 only has a 90 day warranty and that if I want further help I need to pay MS $99 for one-off help or $149 for ongoing help. 90 days??? For a new and current OS???

I kindly refuse their assistance and search the web to find others have run into the same issue - repair doesn't repair.

It turns out that MS in their infinite wisdom tie in the download to the OS of the machine you're using to do it. In other words, if you're using a 32 bit OS you can only download a 32 bit version of W8. To download a 64 bit version it needs to be done via a 64 bit machine.

The laptop had a 64 bit OS on it. It won't boot so I need to create a 64 bit DVD, but because I used a 32 bit PC to download it and burn the disk, the OS on the DVD I've just created is only 32 bit. GREAT!

I was up till the early hours putting Windows 7 back on from a proper physical 64 bit MS DVD.


Posté Sat 30 Mar 13 @ 11:01 am
i had an issue my first go around with win8 on my backup laptop, after i reinstalled windows 7 on it i decided to give it another shot, so far i haven't had any problems, but my first issue i had with it is after a couple reboots it was apparently "installing updates" and i was so used to seeing the screen with 7 stating it was doing this task, i guess now with 8 and if its a huge update it takes "time" and when i say "time" im talking like 10 minutes i let it set there and finally it woke up and finished doing whatever the f it was doing. some "update" i dunno. but anywho it seems to be running fine now, it boots extremely quickly, but i will NOT be putting it on my main laptop until everything is figured out. i think they'll make an SE edition or heck even a Win9 due to all the complaints of no start button. although i did purchase a program (can't remember the exact name of it) and it came with 2 licence keys, it was 3$usd and it gave me my start button back aswell as other features like skipping the metro gui entirely at boot.

i think for anyone wanting to upgrade to 8 should wait it out unless they know for a fact all of their drivers are supported without issues, i had a problem with the Intel graphics driver and it causing video lag envolving the mouse cursor in VDJ which has now been fixed.

another problem i think that needs to be addressed with win8 is the f8 into safemode and how they disabled it

Posté Sat 30 Mar 13 @ 12:57 pm
I have avoided it so far. All my machines are now Windows 7 and are running perfectly.

Microsoft have really messed up here, even to the point that I currently wouldn't buy a new PC that comes with Windows 8, and I'm not alone. PC sales are dropping like a stone. MS are blaming tablets taking up market share but they're oblivious to the fact that a lot of people are just keeping away from Windows 8 machines completely.


Posté Sat 30 Mar 13 @ 1:01 pm
dose virtual dj work on windows 8

Posté Sun 31 Mar 13 @ 6:06 am

Posté Sun 31 Mar 13 @ 6:47 am
I've just purchased an acer aspire v5 touch specs below
Works ok but video is choppy is there a fix for this.


1.9GHz 3rd Gen Intel i7-3517U Processor
750GB Hard Drive
NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M with 1GB dedicated DDR3 VRAM
Windows 8 64
Integrated Bluetooth 4.0
Acer CrystalEye webcam
2-in-1 card reader (SD, MMC)
DVD Super Multi Drive (Dual Layer)
15.6" Touchscreen

Posté Mon 01 Apr 13 @ 11:06 pm
what controller are you working with, I just got the acer v5 and I have a ns6, but im having problems. It wont connect for some reason.

Posté Tue 16 Apr 13 @ 8:35 pm
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