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Sujet VDJ 7 Streaming Unavailable Problem
deq15rLE userMember since 2012
I am having problems with the netsearch. Is anyone else experiencing this problem or is it just me? Is the system down?

It works and cuts out once in a while. This is really annoying. I am running virtual DJ Pro 7 the full version on an HP DV6 laptop and currently have a premium membership. What seems to be the problem here?

Posté Thu 31 May 12 @ 3:00 am
have you find the solution?

Posté Wed 28 Nov 18 @ 5:25 pm
user18875402 wrote :
have you find the solution?

Netsearch doesn't exist anymore. The post is 6+ years old

V7 isn't supported anymore so I doubt any streaming options will work with it
But v8 has several other streaming options

Posté Wed 28 Nov 18 @ 7:27 pm