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Sujet Retaining song order in Playlist
I use the browser for searching and looking at 'prompt' virtual folders and I use the Playlist for building my list of what I'm playing next, next and next, plus planning a future set further down the list, maybe slow funk or 80's or whatever. It all got thrown into disarray the other night when I accidentally hit the sort bar and everything was sorted alphabetical by title! I couldn't see a way to get my original order back, but maybe there is.
If not I'll post in the wishlist.
Before VDJ I used Swift Elite. I used a skin with a Deck A playlist and a Deck B playlist. They were both numerically oriented, i.e., when you put 10 songs in the playlist they were automatically numbered 1 to 10. I used the A playlist to arrange what I was playing next and put future sets in a rough order, tempo or 'bridge' songs between styles or whatever, and the B playlist was 'possibles and prompts' to which I could import saved playlists from other gigs I've done or 'homework days'. Songs were easily moved from B playlist to A of course. It worked really well for me.
Any ideas?

Posté Sun 28 Oct 12 @ 10:08 pm
Use the "Sidelist" window. It doesn't sort automatically....

Posté Mon 29 Oct 12 @ 1:29 am
OK, that seems to work pretty well, I'll try it out over the next few nights.

Posté Mon 29 Oct 12 @ 8:04 am
Works ok thanks, just gets a bit tedious having to manually remove songs after playing.

Posté Sat 03 Nov 12 @ 9:24 am
Just click on the furthest left tab above the file type column (the column with the little round icons) and the playlist will revert to original sort order.

Posté Sat 03 Nov 12 @ 11:30 am
So it does!
Thanks for that.

Posté Sat 03 Nov 12 @ 10:36 pm
I'm still confused. Maybe I'm reading the wrong thing. How do you get your playlists to save in a specific order? Because it seems to always rearrange either by bpm or title or whatever

Posté Wed 13 Jun 18 @ 10:39 pm
See the little square in front of the Title box, above video icon, right click, and select "reset sort order".

Note: You will not see this option if the order is correct.

Posté Thu 14 Jun 18 @ 1:48 am