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Sujet Subscription?
Hello there community!

I'm prepping for a commercial gig and was looking into the pro version of Virtual DJ, but the subscription thing confuses me.

I only have Virtual DJ LE and Home on my computer, so if I understand this correctly, if I become a subscriber I'll have access to all the features of PRO including controller usage? Or do I have to purchase Virtual DJ Pro AND subscribe? Thanks guys!

Posté Thu 15 May 14 @ 8:24 pm
DJChopz4x4 wrote :
if I become a subscriber I'll have access to all the features of PRO including controller usage?

You are correct. The subscription unlocks VDJ 8 to pro level at the monthly fee.

Posté Thu 15 May 14 @ 8:37 pm
Alright, thanks for the quick response! I was worried that I would have to start dishing out tons of money to get going and not even have tried the full version of the software with my deck. Relieved!

Posté Thu 15 May 14 @ 9:32 pm
I recently had the free version of virtual DJ and purchased a Numark mixtrack edge controller. When I try to purchase an upgrade with this controller it is telling me that it is not available for this release. I do not want to purchase the pro version. Can anyone tell me what my options are?

Posté Sun 18 May 14 @ 2:35 pm
You can purchase a controller only license for $99 for the Numark MT Edge.

You just need to select the controller in the drop down box on the right.

This version is a limited version and will allow you to only use that controller. So if you update it at a later date then you will need to purchase another license.

Hope that helps.

Posté Sun 18 May 14 @ 3:14 pm
Thanks for your response. I have tried that and this is the message that I am getting.

"VirtualDJ 8 Per-Controller Licenses are not available yet during the Pre-Release period.
They will be available to purchase as soon as VirtualDJ 8 is officially released.

In the mean-time, if your controller comes with a LE version, you can benefit from our time-limited upgrade offer.?

Could you please advise what direction I should go next?


Posté Sun 18 May 14 @ 5:56 pm
In this case you will need to wait until the Full Release.

We don't have a timescale for this at the moment.

In the mean time, if you have not already done so you can download the Home Version of 7.4. This will allow you to test your controller at 10minute intervals (after a restart). There will be an announcement on the site when it officially goes live so that you can purchase your controller license.

Posté Sun 18 May 14 @ 6:29 pm
Well it seem's to me that the vdj8 subscription version doesn't give you all the features of the pro. Video mixing is set to only small screen's i'm wandering why?

Posté Fri 26 Sep 14 @ 7:56 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
You're doing something wrong, even as a Home user you can have full screen video output. Check the manual.

Posté Sat 27 Sep 14 @ 8:34 am
hey so if pay the $19/mothny it will allow me to use any of the controllers without purchasing a full version of it?

Posté Fri 01 Dec 17 @ 2:30 am
dj fikshun wrote :
hey so if pay the $19/mothny it will allow me to use any of the controllers without purchasing a full version of it?

Yes, that is the full version - you just subscribe to it instead of paying for it all at once.
So basically you are renting it instead of buying it

There are only 2 "limitations" I can think of:
- You can't use the older v7 with it, since that doesn't support a subscription license. So only v8
- You need your laptop to be connect to the internet at least once a month while opening the software, so that it can validate that you are still subscribing to the software

Of course after about 15 months of subscribing, it would been cheaper to buy it as a one time purchase.
And you can't convert your 15 months into a one time purchase, even after passing the 15 months / $299 mark
So that's something to consider

Posté Fri 01 Dec 17 @ 6:19 am
Teju499Home userMember since 2017
Is there is a option to rent and own virtual dj 2021

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