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Sujet opening settings cause a freeze

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build 3217
kickass quad core AMD desktop
using a pioneer Wego2 with a novation launchpad mk2, sound config is Asio
Skin FRUiT and or SilverSleek3(have tried with both)
every time that I open the settings when I'm in AM dual deck I'm getting a freeze(audio and on the screen) for about 3 seconds and it says on the audio settings screen "error" here

right now it's also happening without automix being on.

Posté Fri 10 Jun 16 @ 5:58 pm
Those problems reminds me of buggy builds in the V8 childhood. Certainly hope we're not experiencing such a journey again with 8.2 ...
Best thing to do right now would be to stick to build 2857 for some more time

Posté Fri 10 Jun 16 @ 7:04 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Do you have any other asio sound drivers installed?
On opening the config it might check the other drivers to see if they are available, but unfortunately for some drivers this is very slow if the device is not available...

Posté Fri 10 Jun 16 @ 7:09 pm
thx Adion
yes I have also got the Asio driver for my old VMS4.1 and for my Wego1 in there, I'll try to clean it all out and see what happens...
this is only on my office desktop that I use for trying out new things, for my gigs I'm still sticking to sure

Posté Fri 10 Jun 16 @ 7:22 pm

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