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ProfLeePRO InfinityMember since 2011
AsTheDJ+ wrote :
What are these they appear before and when I minimize VDJ-8 & there under VDJ skin also

It must be some sort of bug in VDJ8.2 and how it treats 3rd party skins on Mac machines with Retina Display. I have been having this same issue with the Orange Juice Skin. As I remember, you have a MBP with Retina Display no? I don't have this issue on my other machines.

In the Orange juice skin, the white box is the sampler pane. I have to open the skin options, click on the sample pane option to open it. It opens as a separate panel and this seems to be the problem. Once I close it, the white box disappears until I fire up VDJ8.2 again. Then rinse and repeat.

Head on over to the Orange juice skin to follow along.

Posté Tue 05 Sep 17 @ 2:27 am
great skin! best i've seen so far for my preferences.

noticed a bug. when loading a track that has a hot cue point already in it (created in serato), the complete wave form can't be used to jump ahead in the track. only way around is to delete the cue point.

also, would be nice to have buttons for incremental key increase alongside the knob control. just used to the default skin method of key adjust, that's all.

this is the skin that may make me use vdj more than serato. thanks again on the great job.

i'm using a mac, btw.

Posté Fri 15 Sep 17 @ 7:38 pm
ProfLeePRO InfinityMember since 2011
I must confess, I haven't been using the DennYo skin since VDJ8.2 but decided to fire it up. I love the HD skin quality. It is superb and everything seems to work perfectly except for the skin artifacts that remain on my desktop while I'm using the program. The skin Orange Juice has a similar issue but there is a panel that can be opened where you can close the panel and then the artifact disappears. It's a hassle but at least its a workaround. I'm wondering if there is a similar feature in this skin?

My laptop is a MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Posté Tue 19 Sep 17 @ 12:30 am
ProfLeePRO InfinityMember since 2011
Artifacts of the "Browser Window" and the "Browser Windows Without Buttons" Panels open up on my desktop and can only be removed by selecting the panel and then closing the panel.

I'm using a MacBook Pro with Retina Display

See video:

Posté Thu 21 Sep 17 @ 2:33 am
awesome update!

Posté Sat 07 Oct 17 @ 2:15 am
Hi DennYo,
Very good job! Your skin is very nice.
Could you please just add the possibility when you right click on a hotcue in the wave song pos to open the P.O.I editor, with the hotcue selected?

Thanks a lot.
Best regard.

Posté Sun 29 Oct 17 @ 2:06 pm
I liked in the earlier HD version where the skin options button showed me everything in the drop down instead of the new one where I have to go over each one to see what is there...
I have been using the Orange Juice skin since you first released it and I am having to go to the HD skin because I want to toggle on my keyboard between the scratch panel and video panel.

Posté Fri 08 Dec 17 @ 9:04 am
Is there a way to permanently change the hot cues to different colors , no matter what song I put in

Posté Fri 08 Dec 17 @ 9:06 am
Any way to remove the grid lines from the HD skin?

Posté Fri 08 Dec 17 @ 9:37 am
timdjeros wrote :
Is there a way to permanently change the hot cues to different colors , no matter what song I put in

Yes, when the skin respects the color settings, which the Controller HD by DennYo skin does:

I made a video about this a while ago:

Posté Fri 08 Dec 17 @ 10:04 am
Hey Klaus.. It started working again when I connected it to my controller... :-)

Now it's time to figure out how to get the colors on the screen to correspond with the colors I have chosen for this particular skin, like the OrangeJuice skin does.

Also to get rid of the grid lines like the Orange Juice skin.

And how to toggle the Video mixer and Scratch mixer.


Posté Fri 08 Dec 17 @ 7:35 pm
With this last update , I guess because it was not happening, the white windows appear, without a reason and its really hard to close them. I saw a video where this was done. So for the ones having this issue , go to skin 2 button then browser and click/ tick both browser until it works . Hopefully this will be fix soon. By the way , this is the best skin.
but one wish: Can you make in the search bar an option to make bigger font. thanks .

Posté Mon 11 Dec 17 @ 1:32 am
Was bedeutet im Skin HD by DennYo ganz oben der Buchstabe R rechts neben dem WAVE Button ??? Wenn ich ihn verschiebe ändert sich nichts.
Rechts daneben befindet sich der Scratchwave-Regler.



Posté Thu 18 Jan 18 @ 2:28 am
Please post in English (or post in the German forum area).

There are two zoom controls. The left one is for the regular (R) waveform. The right one is for the scratch (S) waveform.

Posté Thu 18 Jan 18 @ 9:13 pm
liviuradControlleristMember since 2015
I would like to have the wave moved to the left, meaning for example to see 25% of the wave that already played and 75% of what is coming. Now all skins including this one are centered, you see have 50-50% of what was played and what is coming.

I did not find any Skin to do this, but maybe it is possible and since I use this one very happy, I would like to ask if it is possible and you can implement this as an option.

Posté Fri 19 Jan 18 @ 12:37 pm
Hello! I would like to use this skin but it dont show my jog wheels?! Any Help?

Posté Mon 05 Feb 18 @ 9:03 pm
maadpeeHome userMember since 2018
Hi! Awesome skin but i have a problem with the skin FPSs. I have cnfigured my virtual DJ to work at 60 frames per second in the skin FPSs, but with this skin is only working at 30 fps, i noticed it when i playing some MP3s; and the bug goes worst when I put text on external screen because I work with 2 additional TVs via HDMI,the FPSs downs until 12 FPS, which is slow as a hell and sometimes the VDJ not respond for a few seconds... I suppose the new w10 upgrade is causing the problem... with VDJ stock skin the FPS run normally at 60fps... Any solution? :c thanx Dennyo :)

Posté Sun 18 Feb 18 @ 8:50 pm
djzarePRO InfinityMember since 2004

Hello & Congrats for the best skin.

Could you please add a Variation: 4 deck swap - as the original had? The floating window/menu was also a nice touch for instant skin exploring.

Thank you for the great work.

Posté Tue 27 Feb 18 @ 9:56 am
arzee1PRO InfinityMember since 2009

Can't find this in the settings. The beat grid (between the SANDBOX & WAVE buttons) color isn't matching the deck color. In the screenshot Deck1 is blue but the beat grid is red. Deck2 is red but the beat grid is green. Is there something I'm missing?

Posté Wed 21 Mar 18 @ 8:37 pm
Hi DennYo i gave this skin (Controller HD by DennYo 1920x1080) a try and notice that when you switch from the normal regular size to the + 2 decks or to the 4 regular or 4 + decks it take about 5 seconds waiting time for the skin to switch over compare to the Controller by DennYo 1366x768 older version which switches almost instantly from one deck to another, is it because of the higher definition on the 1920x1080 or is there a line in the xml that i could change to speed up the switching time of the skins...Thanks for the well done skin and keep up the good work.?

Posté Thu 22 Mar 18 @ 3:35 am
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