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Sujet TimeSkip

Posté Fri 24 Mar 17 @ 5:47 pm
TIMESKIP (A simple time adjustable automix countdown timer)


  1. Adjust Length knob to the amount of time you'd like to set before the song skips to the next song
  2. Load up your automix playlist
  3. Start your automix (doesn't skip if automix isn't running)
  4. Activate!

Now everything in your automix will skip to the next song after your set time length. If a new song is shorter than the length it will automatically reset the timer.

De-activate TimeSkip when done with the countdown automix timer

Posté Fri 24 Mar 17 @ 7:40 pm
Just one thing .... if you have resetFXOnLoad set to yes it disables TimeSkip when the second song is loaded.

I keep it set to yes so once a new track is loaded any FX left from the previous track are cleared but it obviously disables this in automix.

Posté Fri 24 Mar 17 @ 8:12 pm
Very good important point, I never used that option before. For those who aren't aware, there is a VDJ option in SETTINGS/OPTION TAB if you type reset on the top search field you will find an audio option to reset the effects on load (resetFXOnLoad) which has to be set to NO for it to work.

Thanks @kradcliffe for the observation. Don't know if I can programatically check for that option and disable it temporarily while TimeSkip is running then reset it to what it was before the effect was activated.

Posté Sat 25 Mar 17 @ 1:31 am
OK I resubmitted a new version that fixes the issue. It disables resetFXOnLoad when TimeSkip effect is activated and restores the original state of the setting on deactivation of TimeSkip

Posté Sat 25 Mar 17 @ 2:09 am
djdadPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2005
That is not the correct way. If an Addon needs to run all times, you need to have it installed in the Auto-Start folder. Please update your Addon to follow this way.

Posté Mon 27 Mar 17 @ 12:11 pm
Oh interesting. OK will make the change and thanks for the info.

Posté Mon 27 Mar 17 @ 12:13 pm
OK for those interested, putting TimeSkip in the autostart folder is not recommended. Putting a dll in the autostart folder adds it to the Master Channel's Effect and turns it on (counting down) which is an extreme rare use for this plugin (though possible.) Most people who use this will want to use it in a pinch during the middle of a gig.

The recommended option for people who modified a hidden VDJ setting called resetFXOnLoad is to leave the dll in the original location where it is in your regular SoundEffect plugin folder and when you need to activate it, use your Master Effect dropdown (hopefully available on your favorite skin). If you don't have a skin that has dropdown effect choice for your master channel then you will have to use a skin like the default skin which has that option. This will not turn off the effect (countdown) with resetFXOnLoad enabled in your options.

For those who didn't touch the hidden setting resetFXOnLoad have no change to their TimeSkip usage procedure which will work in either single deck or master deck mode.

Thanks @adion for the confirmation: "Note that resetFXOnLoad only resets deck effects, not master effects."

Posté Mon 27 Mar 17 @ 7:47 pm