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Sujet Vdj versions for mcx8000
Hi guys! Thinking of picking up a Denon mcx8000 to use with vdj and was wondering, what is the very first version of vdj for the Mac that supports the 8000?

Posté Fri 13 Oct 17 @ 1:07 am
I think that was BUILD 3409

This also happens to be the oldest build you can get on the "Older builds" page at the moment:

But since small bugs get's fixed all the time, and small new features introduced, I would suggest going for a more recent build

Also: A controller will only work with the free version for a short trial period, so you probably need to start looking into which license you want to get

Posté Fri 13 Oct 17 @ 6:40 am
Great thank you! I absolutely want the latest version, was just curious.

Posté Fri 13 Oct 17 @ 10:17 am