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Sujet Can't use a fog machine - Page: 1
Ok so last night I had a wedding reception to do and the venue wouldn't let me use a fog machine due to it possibly setting off the fire detectors.

So my question is, what can I use in place of a fog machine when I'm not able to use it at certain venues??

We all know the lights and lasers look better with a little bit of fog, lol!!

A picture while I was setting up.

Posté Sun 22 Oct 17 @ 2:16 pm
I often have this problem.
Lights look much better with fog,
Sometimes the smoke detectors can be put on hold and fire alarm activated by personel.
But often they refuse to allow fog machines.
So any advice in this thread will be of interest also for me

Posté Sun 22 Oct 17 @ 4:04 pm

Posté Sun 22 Oct 17 @ 4:59 pm
Dry ice is floor level. Won't help much with the lights.

Posté Sun 22 Oct 17 @ 5:18 pm
Yeah, was wondering if put up high though.

Posté Sun 22 Oct 17 @ 5:53 pm
Use a hazer machine instead.

Posté Sun 22 Oct 17 @ 6:43 pm
IME venues and/or their staff don't know or appreciate the difference, and will just blanket ban anything that "could affect" their alarms.

Posté Sun 22 Oct 17 @ 7:11 pm
after reconstruction from the fire in 2002 a state-of-the-art fire system was installed with multiple detectors and suppression and none of them would have been set off by either foggers or hazers. we currently use 2 large hazers with water-based fluid.
carrying documentation to show the venue that the wouldn't need to worry might help.

but in a pinch you could have 2-3 chavs with their vap e-cigs and tell them to puff away

Posté Mon 23 Oct 17 @ 12:32 am
So Wild your saying there are foggers/hazers that WONT set off fire alarms??

Posté Mon 23 Oct 17 @ 2:00 am
Well since my last post I've been reading a lot and NO there isn't really anything that won't set off an alarm as not every alarm is the same

But it seems that haze machines set them off less so that probably the way to go for now.

Posté Mon 23 Oct 17 @ 2:39 am
I would have to find out what kind of detectors they installed. we've literally filled the place with fog and it was so thick you couldn't see the other end of the building and it never set off the alarms. and the hazers just have a finer particulate and have never set them off either.

dunno. wish I had more info on them

Posté Mon 23 Oct 17 @ 3:04 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Your place will have heat alarms in fogged areas, to avoid false alarms.
Other places you just don't know. All you can do is ask the premise manager,
Hazers are better than foggers but it ain't guaranteed they won't trip

Posté Mon 23 Oct 17 @ 6:20 am
bigron1PRO InfinityMember since 2010
Venue managers are anything looking like smoke (it's not smoke!) and they complain. Also don't use anything which affects the air people breath since it could also give them grounds for complaint. smoke or haze machine or anything else, it's not worth the trouble.
In the UK we can't even smoke a fag..not that I would. Once upon a time I might get a smoker to exhale in front of my lights lol. It's sad.
This of course means you choose lighting which works well without smoke, or whatever and I would also suggest in well lit rooms ! Those selling DJ lights often demonstrate them in dark rooms using a smoke machine, and they look great..but that's not the real world that we face.

Another point..get public liability insurance since some people might be looking for something to fall over, and then make a claim for damages. This has never happened to me but it's a possibility.

Watch out for your customers, I regard some people as not worth the risk, so I would avoid their work. Hence you build up a good client base. If your a bit of a gangster you can profit from any job..but that's not my style.

Posté Mon 23 Oct 17 @ 11:03 am
Ok so let's say we could never use fog/haze again, what lights look the best??

Posté Mon 23 Oct 17 @ 12:43 pm

Posté Mon 23 Oct 17 @ 2:00 pm
bigron1PRO InfinityMember since 2010
The thing is Beatbreaker your not going to see the rays without smoke so it's only patterns which you project onto the walls, ceiling and floor. I use Acme Mirrage and Barrage lights combined with lasers. Maybe not the best but they work without the room being dark. The showroom is not the place to test need to see them working in a large room or hall when the buffet is on and the house lights are up. If they look ok then your on a winner.

Posté Mon 23 Oct 17 @ 2:41 pm
ohshitPRO InfinityMember since 2011

Do like your setup (pic)

Posté Mon 23 Oct 17 @ 2:54 pm
bigron1PRO InfinityMember since 2010
Beatbreaker I don't know your layout for smaller venues but this is my smaller venue layout then I drop down to a 42" tv. It may help.

A school or boardroom ultra short throw projector is fine since all the videos at the likes of Extendamix are 720i. Therefore a 1200 x 800 resolution is fine. 1080i is still not really needed.

Posté Mon 23 Oct 17 @ 4:36 pm
There are haze machines which can be set to emit particles so fine that you can't tell anything is in the air - until you realise you can see the light beams.

With those, it's highly unlikely that it would set anything off, because it's so fine. It would also go unnoticed by any venue jobsworths. It'd be up to you to take the chance of using it against the venue's wishes though...

The one I have is called a Look Unique.

Posté Mon 23 Oct 17 @ 5:03 pm
bigron1PRO InfinityMember since 2010
That's interesting Groovin.

I have used many smoke machines in the past and never set off a fire alarm !
However.. I got fed up with being told off by management.

The ill health brigade are a nuisance..they are not well and will blame us.

It's a bit different for me as opposed to a normal DJ. I try to put on a show and so want a lit stage area for performers (any type). That means I need brighter than normal disco lights.

Posté Mon 23 Oct 17 @ 5:12 pm
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