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Sujet SoundSwitch
Hi folks. I recently purchased a SoundSwitch hardware interface to play around with. I guess initially SS only supported Serato but now it supports VDJ as well. However, I am having issues with it during the Edit portion of using the software. I am wondering if anyone is successfully using SoundSwitch with VDJ. Matt, the chief engineer and founder of SS is great with support and has already had one remote working session with me. His engineering staff is on holiday this week so while I have some time I am trying to gather as much info to help him as possible.

It's kind of weird in that I have two laptops and a desktop. All of the machines are having some trouble reading the VDJ files (track list, virtual folders, playlists) but only the laptops fail when trying to actually create scripts for the lighting. The desktop machine seems to be ok with that function. All three systems are running Windows 10 Pro at the most current update level so it's a bit mysterious why they react differently to the software.

If anyone is using SS with VDJ on a Windows system, please let me know how your experience is going so far. I think it's going to evolve into a great product. They have already talked with me about some fantastic upgrades to it's functionality coming in the first quarter. It's really new so some growing pains are normal. I was a computer engineer for a major bank for over 30 years and I've seen all kinds of growing pains over the years with new products, even with products that had dozens of high level programmers working on them.

If you've never look at SS, take a look. I currently do mostly wedding DJ work so something that can make my light shows much more fancy looking without requiring hundreds of hours of lighting programming is very attractive to me (no, I don't work for SS LOL).

So let me know if you have any experience with it .............. thanks ............. Rob

Posté Thu 04 Jan 18 @ 8:18 pm
I don't have the hardware for SS but have SS software installed on Win7 machine.

With the VDJ track files, many just have an entension with no title, no filename, no author. Guessing about half complete with correct results. The other ones just display an excension like mp3, wav, etc. Changing the order or adding files in VDJ requires a restart of SS it appears in order to see the changes.

I don't have much in my playlist but what I have seemed ok except length of song was always zero. For tracks that display correctly the length appears correct but not for playlist.

I guess you see the same thing on your machines or maybe more. I did not spend much time with it.

Did not mess with script but maybe some kind of permissions issue since it runs on one machine and not the others. You can check it you are running as administrator and then go on from there if that does not help.

Posté Thu 04 Jan 18 @ 11:27 pm
Been using SS for about a month and half now with now problems at all.

I’m on a Mac though.

And yes, it’s a wonderful program and is super easy to use and the guys at SS have some of the best support I’ve ever had, period!!

Posté Fri 05 Jan 18 @ 12:16 pm
sibarraPRO InfinityMember since 2013
Hello guys need some help, i just purchased SoundSwitch i just downloaded the plugin for VDJ and when i go to VDJ to find it under MASTER - AUTO START is not there, can anyone assist?

Posté Mon 29 Jan 18 @ 2:13 am
Hi,,,, go to the website SS and lock for download a plugins for VDJ . BE surge at MASTER section are ON

Posté Tue 30 Jan 18 @ 11:10 pm
Soundswitch mit VDJ 8 Unterstützung:

Chauvet DJ (SoundSwitch)

Download Soundswitch Trial 1.5.3

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Soundswitch Supportseiten:

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SoundSwitch libraries provided by AtlaBase Ltd

Posté Wed 31 Jan 18 @ 12:35 pm
Same problem. The plugin is installed and enabled. VDJ folders don't appear in Soundswitch, although I can do a manual selection of a track, load it, set a beatgrid and autoscript a lightshow for it. But the lightshow doesn't automatically start when that track is played in VDJ.

It seems to me that the SS software is still in its infancy and not quite ready for gig use yet.

Posté Fri 02 Feb 18 @ 7:14 pm
Works for me just fine and has since they’ve released the plugin.

Why don’t you hit up SS’s support line. The guys are super friendly and always ready to help.

SS with VDJ is SHOW READY and I’m proof.....

Posté Fri 02 Feb 18 @ 9:30 pm
Will they assist even though I haven't yet bought the hardware?

I'm not going to buy it unless I can be assured I can get it to work..

Posté Fri 02 Feb 18 @ 9:32 pm
Hi guys,

Soundswitch 1.6 just released - introducing midi controlled static scene overrides..

"SoundSwitch 1.6 includes the new Static Looks feature that allows you to create generic lighting scenes which can then be launched via MIDI or onscreen buttons. Static Looks override Autoloops and Scripted Tracks offering the ability set static scenes on the fly while DJing, set the mood for a specific part of an event or for use as a standalone lighting solution. General stability and UI improvements also in the mix - VDJ users you will like the fixes included.

I'm downloading now .. coool

Posté Thu 01 Mar 18 @ 10:08 pm
gmediaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
Hey guys!

Get ready for a bunch of questions...

I'm thinking about a good DMX software investment. MyDMX 3.0 seems like a good start, but I am now checking out SoundSwitch. This thread is not too active lately. How is it going with VDJ/Windows 10?

Would SoundSwitch be a good alternative to MyDMX or a supplement to or what? Does it have a 3D visualizer?

Can you manually and easily/intuitively program scenes and chases with moving heads?

What is the gist of SoundSwitch? Does it allow you to populate songs with lighting scene "tags"? Does it do this automatically or do you basically program each song?


Posté Sat 05 May 18 @ 11:40 am
Big fat Failure so far for me, and frankly any windows+vdj user, This software seems like it was written just like serato was, for the Mac and serato. I have had nothing but problems getting anything to work with ss. jeez i am pissed at the time I spent on this,

Posté Thu 17 May 18 @ 2:01 am
Was very intresstest for this Software but For me they not Run too,on my Older Win Machines.
Have test it on my Win XP SP3 Notebook,Win 7 Netbook and Win8.1 Tablet,but Not of this Start the Programm.

Think you must have a good PC / Notebook with Maximum System and I3,I5 or I7 Chip on this.

When i have one than i test it New.

But for the Future:
(Inmusic) Denon DJ have buy Soundswitch,let See what Come in the Future by this Deal.

Some VDJ 8 Pro Infinty User from German Forum use Daslight DVC 4 and some are on test with this.


Work now with my DMX Hardwarepult Showtec Led Commander ,we before the Test with DMX Softwares.
Will test next Time the free Freestyler DMX Software with VDJ8.

Posté Thu 17 May 18 @ 4:14 am

Posté Thu 17 May 18 @ 6:04 am
The Support from Soundswitch in Facebook Group is good,have some Questions ask and all answer between One hour or very early,and for Soundswitch it is very good with the Denon Deal vs.Pioneer.

Hope the Future bring more from Denon/Soundswitch Coporation for the VDJ 8.

Price a little Bit high,but when this works with automated generated lightscenes / macros than all good i think.


Posté Thu 17 May 18 @ 7:13 am
gmediaPRO InfinityMember since 2007
I ended up getting SoundSwitch and MyDMX 3.0.

For SoundSwitch, I will say that the thought of a custom show is next level in my opinion. Here I'm wanting to simplify, but then I can see a real value for clients and events, especially if I can quickly get the hang of things. I have little desire to go through all of our tracks and create a show for each, but my understanding is that the software will automatically create a show for you, and then you go through and tweak when you want to. If we can get quick at the software, I can see customizing a few special songs for clients and then going through and customizing some of the hot songs, go-to's, and classics. I am not far enough into SoundSwitch to really say a whole lot yet. I think the potential is worth putting a little time into though. Email support has been good I think. We'll see how things go.

What about MyDMX 3.0? Is it intuitive? Is it good? I have it sitting in front of me, but I haven't opened it yet.


Posté Thu 17 May 18 @ 9:21 pm
soundswitch.. great for macs and serato, not so great for windows and vdj

Posté Wed 23 May 18 @ 3:59 am
Hi Team,

@burnyabad Sounds like you have some issues but happy to help with anything SoundSwitch related.

Its simply not true regarding Windows and Mac, the SoundSwitch code base is shared across both platforms. There are some issues unique to each platform such as MIDI, Drivers and Display configurations but SoundSwitch is designed to work on both Windows and Mac.

If you require assistance for anything SoundSwitch related please contact us at

Posté Wed 06 Jun 18 @ 1:53 am
SoundSwitchTeam wrote :
Hi Team,

@burnyabad Sounds like you have some issues but happy to help with anything SoundSwitch related.

Its simply not true regarding Windows and Mac, the SoundSwitch code base is shared across both platforms. There are some issues unique to each platform such as MIDI, Drivers and Display configurations but SoundSwitch is designed to work on both Windows and Mac.

If you require assistance for anything SoundSwitch related please contact us at

Had 3 laptops. One brand new Dell gaming laptop, top specs, windows 10. A 3 year old dell gaming laptop, and a macbook pro. Soundswitch ran my lightshop on only 1 laptop, the macbook.

So, no, I disagree with you on windows compatibility. Called tech support, used teamviewer, tech says he fixed my issues with my dell laptops. No light show... Hook up Macbook and poof.all lights work, lightshow works, can program a lightshow.

This is just like Serato & pc issues.

Posté Mon 09 Jul 18 @ 2:30 pm