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Sujet General
Can someone give me some tips on Mixing, how to create playlists and such basics? I know next to nothing about the software.

Posté Sat 21 Apr 18 @ 5:57 pm
The good thing about this software, is the videos that our members have posted on YouTube. Take a look there, you will find everything, good luck.

Posté Sat 21 Apr 18 @ 6:01 pm
gecckoPRO InfinityMember since 2014
Where I can find the vst folder in virtual DJ 8 ...?

Posté Sat 28 Apr 18 @ 7:23 pm
geccko wrote :
Where I can find the vst folder in virtual DJ 8 ...?

not sure on MAC but on a PC it is in the Virtaul dj folder in Documents look for plugins they go in sound FX folder generally

EXAMPLE location \Documents\VirtualDJ\Plugins\SoundEffect

Posté Sat 28 Apr 18 @ 9:22 pm
There is no folder called VST.

You just have to copy the files over from wherever your system's VST folder is, and put them in a suitable area of the Plugins folder.

Why VDJ can't use a standard VST folder location like a DAW or audio editing software (etc) does, I don't know.

Posté Sat 28 Apr 18 @ 11:19 pm