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Sujet Setting a completely different tracks to cues
DJRAWATLPRO SubscriberMember since 2014
Is there anyway possible to set complete tracks to any of the 8 cue buttons on the fly, on the same playing deck? For example, I have a track playing on deck 1, but I want to immediately jump from the vocal version playing to deck 1 to the acapella version on one of the cue pads, at the same time start the next song on deck 2 by just hitting both at the same time. Is that possible?

Posté 5 days ago @ 1:53 am
Yes, you can do 2 things at once by simply mapping them with a "&" between them

deck 1 hot_cue 2 & deck 2 hot_cue 1
will at the same time trigger hot cue2 on deck 1 and hotcue 1 on deck 2

You can also do more complex jumping. Like the examples shown in this video:

Posté 4 days ago @ 8:05 am