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Sujet Vdj 7 and Controller advice
Hi all. After some advice. I'm using VDJ7 (Can't get on with v8). And I am looking at converting from a mixer to a controller.
Did some googling and they general feeling seems to say that Serato works better with a controller. I don't want to move away from vdj as I know the software really well.
So I wanted to ask how you guys get on with any controllers and what would you recommend? I'd be looking for a 4 channel as I use 2 laptops.
Thank you

Posté Wed 15 May 19 @ 2:14 pm
Serato doesn't work better with a controller. Quite the opposite, actually
VDJ is basically the king of working with controllers, because it can do so much more, can remap so much better and works with so many more controllers than Serato
Your problem is going to be v7 - since it's about a decade old not a lot of controllers that you can still buy will work with it. You can see the list here:
But it may be better to buy an older used controller if you really want to stay with VDJ v7

Posté Wed 15 May 19 @ 2:43 pm
Rather than just say you "can't get on" with VDJ 8, it would be more useful if you went into detail about WHY that is.

What problems are you having?

VDJ 8 is the current software, which gets regular updates, fixes and new features. VDJ 7 is dead, and will never be updated again.

Why do you use two laptops?

Posté Wed 15 May 19 @ 4:44 pm