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Sujet PIONEER DDJ-RZ Booth Output to Output 11 & 12
djkrlozzPRO SubscriberMember since 2013
Hi Gyus
Im tryin to use OBS for streaming with VDJ8.3 with my Pioneer RZ in Internal Mixer Mode

To do that, I need to add a digital cable as Soundflower, but I need to configure the Booth Output; to end a copy of the master audio to Output 11 & 12, which are the Soundflower channels.
But, there is no Output 11 & 12 channels con VDJ8.3???

Rekordbox documentation

any help??

Posté Thu 16 May 19 @ 5:56 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Try typing it in [just a guess]

Posté Thu 16 May 19 @ 6:13 am
VirtualDJ can use multiple soundcards at the same time.
Therefore I can't understand why you need channels 11&12
For VirtualDJ to show chans 11+12 drivers of the selected device must explicitly report them.
Otherwise you can try to type in.

Anyway, a correct sound setup for RZ in this case would be:
Master: Pioneer DDJ-RZ Ch 1+2
Headphones: Pioneer DDJ-RZ Ch 3+4
Booth: Soundflower Ch 1+2

I don't know how soundflower works, but generally with VirtualDJ you usually don't have to create an aggregate device.
So, in VirtualDJ you select soundflower for booth out and you do the same on OBS for input

Posté Thu 16 May 19 @ 7:40 am
djkrlozzPRO SubscriberMember since 2013
Thks! Awesome... VDJ is more flexible than I thought!!!

Posté Wed 22 May 19 @ 1:57 am