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Sujet transferring from version 7.4 to 8 cues, playlist, settings etc. thanks
this room has been so helpful in my past and i hope you can help. I'm finally forced to upgrade to version 8 and need some assistance.
1: I would like to keep my cues (compiled over last 5 years) I understand that it is different in version 8
2: I would like to save playlist as well.
3: My cue point is no longer on spot, when I cue ... it shifts over about a half beat (driving me nuts)
4: My crossfader was set to two seconds on mix now no sync version 7 but not sure how to recreate this in version 8 (it also pauses momentarily when I do the mix manually using keyboard control)
5: Next one will create laughter but it's been extremely helpful. My color coded icons no longer exist, I would use the color coding to separate my start of wedding ceremony or a hot set coming up, or a set of oldies. I know this is Petty but it was a great visual tool. (maybe someone could create colored markers to separate or stand out.
6: had a Karaoke filter but can't for the life of me recall how to recreate this.
I just want to thank whoever takes the time to address any of these issues. I purchased this program years ago because of the great support group. I loved the V-mix (three large screens) and wish someone would recreate it. The default video is very close but windows are small. Thank you so much in advance Michael
PS. I have a big corporate event and wanted to practice with new software before embarrassing myself. You know how you get comfortable with an older version.

Posté Mon 03 Jun 19 @ 2:06 am
1) VirtualDJ 8 should automatically read the database of VirtualDJ 7 and create a new database for VirtualDJ 8 and transfer there all the old info of VirtualDJ 7 (like cues, times played e.t.c.) BPM info will be preset as well but VirtualDJ 8 will rescan the files as you load them for the first time to take advantage of the far better BPM analysis engine.
2) VirtualDJ 8 reads the playlists (and history files) of VirtualDJ 7. It doesn't require any actions from your part.
3) VirtualDJ 7 had a bug that would store hotcue points wrong for some files. In VirtualDJ 8 this bug is no longer present of course but this means that on those tracks the hotcues may have a small offset. This offset is constant for all hotcues inside a track, but it's not constant between different tracks that suffer from the same bug. Therefore yes you may need to fix some hotcues on your tracks, but at least the offset is small and you can fix them as you play.
4) Use this command (action): mix_now_nosync 2000ms
5) Change option shellIcons to yes
6) Use this query: Type="karaoke" and set scope to database. Also make sure that show karaoke files button on the browser (left side of it) is active

Posté Mon 03 Jun 19 @ 9:45 am
thank you so much for the quick response (what I expected from this group) . I found issue with cues. I will attempt to transfer my playlist , cues etc. would I do this by copying and pasting (from a particular file) onto new computer from older 7.4 version? Thank you again for your time. I have about four days to get this fixed. Any suggestions on The colored markers ( I can hear your laughter from here lol ) they were very helpful .
The lag on the crossfader... as I use the crossfader via keyboard arrows left and right (I changed in settings) it is not smooth and pauses before going across.
One more thing. I could really use the side list UNDER my main center panel , this allows me to have both automix panel and sidelist open at the same time and pull some very quick changes (9 sec) for the intro of each dancer at my competition.

Thank you again for any feedback. Michael aka DJ older than dirt .

Posté Mon 03 Jun 19 @ 1:00 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
michaelhawkins1 wrote :
......UNDER my main center panel ,

search options for "horiz" , pick yes and then refresh the skin (just select the same skin from the top bar)

Posté Mon 03 Jun 19 @ 1:17 pm
No. For hotcues to transfer over you should restore your VirtualDJ 7 database, delete VirtualDJ 8 database (if any) and start VirtualDJ 8.
Then it will convert the database as described earlier.

For color markers did I miss something?
What particular feature of VirtualDJ 7 do you refer at ?
If it's using color coded icons on the folder tree I gave you the answer already (to set shellicon option to yes)
If it's something else please explain...
PS: VirtualDJ 8 gives you the ability to set colors for the files themselves as well.
However the color of a file is global (same everywhere) and not playlist dependent.

Posté Mon 03 Jun 19 @ 2:34 pm
I did not have any previous version of vdj on my new computer. I installed latest version of 8, could you guide me on what to copy/paste from my older version 7.4 into my new version that contains cues, playlist.
On the road traveling, thank you so much for your time, I will apply your suggestions and get back. Very helpful

I thank you for suggestions on color and horizontal change to side list

Posté Mon 03 Jun 19 @ 5:53 pm
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009
If you are using the same username on you new laptop things are easy.
Just copy the folder C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\VirtualDJ to the same location on your new computer.
Make sure to not change any file structure. That includes same drive and file structure to your music files.

IIRC you also have to copy your history files from previous folder "playlists" into the new "history" folder in your VirtualDJ folder.
Note: If you copy your old VirtualDJ 7 folder to the new PC the history folder might not be present at the time but should be after you've installed V8.

Posté Tue 04 Jun 19 @ 6:09 am
OK, I will attempt to transfer as you have suggested ASAP , Thank you

Problems fixed
1: sidelist is now visible under my center panel by selecting "horizontal" Thanks
2: crossfader has been adjusted to mix_now_nosync 1000ms , you pointed me in the right direction

Problems remaining
1: I switched to Shellicons Yes but still notice very little difference in the color coding. I'll try to explain a little better.
When using version 7.4 with V-mix skin, I would see my mp3 files with a Green icon, My Karaoke files were Blue, Wav Yellow . when I made a playlist for a example wedding , I would have 30 mins of music for folks gathering and I would have two BLUE karaoke songs in my playlist to signify the start of the ceremony which may run a little longer. I also did this for their entrance and first dances. I know this is trivial but it has been extremely helpful as a visual aid.

2: Need to disengage the Master output Click to activate video output.... I have always clicked in the bottom right corner of this window to easily locate my cursor as well as put my keyboard in Play mode (not typing)

3: when manually using my crossfader via keyboard ... there is a brief pause and then it moves quickly. Is the pause for OOPS moments

I just wanted to thank those that have taken the time to address my issues ... this is the reason I paid for this service instead of the free version or a Pirated copy. This forum has been so valuable.

Posté Tue 04 Jun 19 @ 4:17 pm
michaelhawkins1 wrote :
I would see my mp3 files with a Green icon, My Karaoke files were Blue, Wav Yellow

I've just loaded up V-Mix on VDJ 7.4.7 here and had a look. It seems you're referring to the small icons in the browser to the left of each listing.

Those are actually specific to that skin, as it uses custom icons.

The only way to get those exact icons in another skin is to modify the skin.

Posté Tue 04 Jun 19 @ 5:06 pm
OK, I've learned a lot .... UPdate
I copied by Virtualdj folder from older computer . I deleted the Virtualdj 8 folder in my Documents on my new computer and replaced it with the older one. I prayed !!! I rebooted and started Virtual DJ 8 ... there was no window that said, we have discovered another earlier version. This was my first concern...
I noticed right off that my skin was different , I fixed that.
All my changed settings like Crossfade, mix_now_nosync, sidelist horizontal, are no longer selected or altered... I believe I can revisit my steps and fix this

Did I misunderstand... was I not supposed to delete VDJ 8 data base (folder in Documents) and replace it with my older version of VDJ 7
My songs , History, Playlist are showing up but songs are showing big red X, error.... I'm assuming that is because there is something different in the "Path" I tried to be careful and make them the same.

Oh well, I must have not followed the directions to a tee or maybe someone sees my mistake. I will wait on a reply with suggestions. Thanks again for the help you have shared. I was hoping all my mapping was there, maybe it's still in the "mappers" portion of my other (newer) VDJ 8 that was deleted?

I realize I've been a pain and appreciate all who have contributed. Michael

Posté Wed 05 Jun 19 @ 2:31 pm
The database is not the folder. The database is a file within the folder.

The old VDJ 7 database file is called VirtualDJ Database v6.xml and the new VDJ 8 database is called database.xml

Grab your old database from your backups or your old computer, and place it in the VDJ 8 directory. Delete the VDJ 8 database, then start up VDJ 8, which should then find and import everything from the old 7 database.

Posté Wed 05 Jun 19 @ 8:08 pm
thank you brother for not giving up on this "older" dj haha. I will work on this tomorrow. I will probably start by uninstalling VDJ8 and starting fresh. I'll take your advice as well as the other suggestions that have been so helpful . I know more now than I did ... many thanks

Posté Fri 07 Jun 19 @ 4:24 am
Groovindj, again thank you (even though the truthful $10 was a direct hit lol) I followed your instructions and have had great results. Only issue is that the playlist did not transfer with database conversion of VDJ7. I'm working on getting my settings corrected (having success) and wanted to make sure that I am to take my older vdj7 Playlist folder and drag and drop on New VDJ8 Playlist folder to transfer the older playlist. (the same with History) is this correct ?

I noticed that after installing VDJ8 and replacing the database with the Older VDJ7... My virtual folders, Favorites etc came back. I also had a playlist and an additional Previous Playlist but both are Empty... this is why I ask the above instructions.

Thanks again for your outstanding effort.

Posté Fri 07 Jun 19 @ 6:11 pm
I made it through show thanks to your help. A lot of work ahead but feeling more confident, thanks phantomdj groovindj and others

Posté Mon 10 Jun 19 @ 6:29 am