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Sujet Pioneer DDJ-1000 with dual PC connected strange behaviour
I'm running the Pioneer DDJ-1000 with both my PC's (one for backup) and it works quite well must say.
But something weird has happened twice in my last two gigs.
The backup PC is connected to USB-B port and main is connected to USB-A port of DDJ-1000.
Deck 1 and 2 are assigned to main PC (USB-A) and Deck 4 (spare / backup) is assigned to USB-B.
Suddenly the backup PC can be heard through Deck 2, independent on the fader position.
So it seems like even if the backup PC is connected to USB-B, the audio playing can end up on ch.2 on DDJ (Deck 2 on main PC)

Any advice?

Posté Thu 06 Jun 19 @ 12:24 pm
What you need to understand is that DDJ-1000 mixer is not hardware but MIDI.
This means that the volume faders and the source switchers on top just send MIDI messages on the connected application.
Also this means that effectively both computers connected on USB A and USB B can send audio at DDJ-1000 at the same time on both master and headphones outputs.

The way DJ software deals with this is to MUTE the corresponding deck when the source swithcher is not on assigned on the correct USB.
If you altered your mapping to remove the "mute" function please restore it back.
If you use the factory default mapping and you still have issues then please consider to switch back and forth the source switchers to both USB positions before you start using the controller for the rest of your gig

Also due to the MIDI nature of the mixer if you unmute or alter the volume of a deck via the VirtualDJ GUI the decks will become audible

I hope this info helps.
If not, please try to provide the exact steps to reproduce the issue.

Posté Thu 06 Jun 19 @ 3:49 pm
Thanks Phantom.
I always need to flip the usb selection switches before gig and I have a habit now to do it every time.
And this was also the case yesterday but during the gig it changed by itself.
Mapping is not changed. Pure original.

Will try to reproduce. Have a gig on Saturday.

Posté Thu 06 Jun 19 @ 7:28 pm
Ok. Just FYI:
Normally on the backup laptop you should see MUTE - on the track's Artist/Title display on the GUI when the source switcher is set on the primary laptop.
If that's not the case the decks will be audible...

Posté Fri 07 Jun 19 @ 9:18 am
SADLY, This is why I refuse to use a midi/software mixer with my gigs. I recommend always paying extra for a hardware mixer like the ddj-sz2 or ddj-rz.

Posté Fri 07 Jun 19 @ 4:23 pm
Funny, but DDJ-SZ2 is NOT operating as a hardware mixer with both Serato or VirtualDJ
It operates as a MIDI mixer with a internal/external mixer hybrid audio setup.
The volume of each deck is controlled by the software, but it's sent on a different audio channel that then get's passed to master output.
And then you also have a PFL audio channel that's also MIDI controlled (in other words the PFL buttons operate via MIDI)

Also while DDJ-RZ can be set to operate as a hardware mixer by default it operates as MIDI mixer for both Rekordbox and VirtualDJ.
And you can't set it to hardware mixing with Rekordbox! Rekordbox sends a hidden message via the drivers of the unit and reverts it to MIDI mixing upon launch.

MIDI mixing is not bad. And personally I believe it gives you more functionality than hardware mixing. POST-FADER effects being the most important, then auto-headphones and other stuff.

With DDJ-1000 Pioneer redesigned the way dual USB ports can be assigned on decks. Now you can set any deck on any (of the 2) USB ports you wish.
Before DDJ-1000 you had to flip the entire left or right side of the controller on one computer.
Now you can assign deck 1,2 and 3 on USB A and deck 4 on USB B if you wish.

The only controller from Pioneer that featured a full true external hardware mixer setup was Pioneer DDJ-SZ (the first model)
All other controllers from Pioneer use internal (MIDI) mixing, or a hybrid like SZ2
Also all Pioneer Rekordbox controllers (DDJ-R series) always work as MIDI mixers with Rekordbox.

Posté 4 days ago @ 10:24 am
I should probably correct my Sz2 comment and state that I own an SZ. I must also say that I run the RZ in hardware mode and it behaves exactly like my SZ does.

Posté 2 days ago @ 4:47 pm
I found similar problems ever since I update to firmware 1.06 in the controller. The only way the 2nd computer will work, is if its using recordbox. :(

Posté yesterday @ 10:49 pm
downgrade the firmware

Posté yesterday @ 2:10 am
this post got me thinking, think i solved it.

Posté yesterday @ 2:11 am