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Sujet crossfader
hi good day.listen,i noticed after playing from automix for a while,when I take over again the crossfader stops working
and only the up down faders work and sound can be heard on the master output from the other deck even when
the fader is shift to master.i tried reapplying the audio settings but it does no good.
I would have to restart the whole program again so it work properly and that sucks man, my unit is the DDJ ERGO and I using virtual dj 8.
can any one help me out with this please

Posté Sun 09 Jun 19 @ 5:32 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Are you using Automix on one Deck or both ? (setting AutomixDualDeck) ?

While you move crossfader on the ERGO (at that time you say it doesnt work), do you see the crossfader on the skin following the position of the actual crossfader (or any "ghost" fader moving) ?

Posté Mon 10 Jun 19 @ 9:02 am
I hope it's ok if I chime in with a Crossfader issue. My crossfader doesn't have any effect on lowering the volume of the music when using my keyboard controls. I was trying to fade a show out during a competition and it remained at a a constant level until the last keyboard stroke... then it went silent. Makes it hard to gently fade out a show. any suggestions appreciated , thanks.

Posté Wed 12 Jun 19 @ 3:38 am
Check your crossfader curve setting

Posté Wed 12 Jun 19 @ 3:22 pm
I use automix on one deck, and the fader itself move I crossfading, not the ghost fader, I also have serato installed, i'm not sure it could be interfering with the setting of Virtual DJ.

Posté Sat 15 Jun 19 @ 1:31 am
I cant automix dual deck

Posté Sat 15 Jun 19 @ 1:34 am
Why can't you? Please explain in more detail.

Posté Sat 15 Jun 19 @ 6:59 am
sorry,ok I can choose between deck A or deck B to run automix,no problem, but the problem that I am having is having to restart the program because after automix run for about 15 to 30 minutes on from either deck,lets say deck A, when I preview a song on deck B, the song can be heard through the master output even when the crossfader is shift to deck A, the crossfader is responding to the control but the sound doesn't respond to the crossfader. lets say I'm warming up a party with a playlist on the automix for about 15 to 30 minutes and the party is starting to kicking in, then I come to do my mix and realize OH OH! the sound is not coming from the desired deck, I can still hear deck A playing, I have to stop the music and restart the program, I really hope you understand, cause this is issue a party poopa

Posté Sat 15 Jun 19 @ 11:41 pm
What's your audio config? Please post a picture.

Posté Sun 16 Jun 19 @ 6:43 am

Posté Tue 18 Jun 19 @ 12:35 am
there is no issue when I start joggling two songs, but as long as I have to play from automix for some time, the crossfader stops working like it should.

Posté Tue 18 Jun 19 @ 1:54 am