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Sujet Sound from a computer- A bit of a head scratcher...
trevcdaPRO InfinityMember since 2008
I had an issue last night with my computer's headphone sound output and I'm hoping somebody might have an idea. The scenario- I play in a band that provides a number of service to event purchasers. Last night it was live jazz, recorded background music for dinner, a live band for a couple of hours followed by a couple of hours of DJ. My system is a Soundcraft Vi into four JBL double eighteen cabs and four JBL 2x 12"/horn, appropriately processed and amped. Once I got the system up and going, I pulled out my Virtual DJ computer and plugged it in, using the headphone output this time as I had done many times before. Less than ideal I know. I also use a control surface with a four channel sound card, but this occasion didn't really require it. For some reason, this time the sound was really anemic and didn't have much bass content. I chased around the system thinking something in my speaker processing was off, but after an hour of that, I plugged a mic and bass in and it sounded fine, so it wasn't the system. I plugged my phone in using the same cable and played a couple of songs and it sounded fine. Some thing in either Virtual DJ or the computer it's running seems to have a bad setting or something. Here is some computer info:

HP EliteBook, running Windows 7 Pro, i7-2720QM CPU @ 2020GHz, 8GB RAM, 64 bit Operating System

Running Virtual DJ 8.3 b4787

As I said, it's worked fine many times before, but this time it just wasn't happening. I reversed phase on one and both channels and tried any number of things with no luck. I ended up doing that portion of the show from my phone. I got the job done, but not the way I wanted! Any thoughts or suggestions? Something I overlooked? Let me know if I can provide more information. TIA

Posté Mon 10 Jun 19 @ 12:32 am
That sounds like your laptop is set up to change the sound to make it better for the (tiny) laptop speakers - which it does by removing a lot of bass
If that is the reason you need to disable that in windows for the headphones output to start sounding normal again

Posté Mon 10 Jun 19 @ 11:19 am
I was hoping to hear your successful outcome. I have noticed over the past two weeks that my sound from the computer has been "spacious" reverb etc. Like an effect is on the music... it's horrible ( I had a problem like yours and it was because I was using the HDMI output and the computer selected the TV output sound, After selecting my high definition sound option, it cleared up as far as fuller sound and bass)

This Spacious sound is a problem ! It also sounds like the sound swells and drops, like a wave. I don't know it's is a setting in the software, or a problem with power supply. I'm in the process of ordering a Focusrite Scarlett in hopes that it will improve my sound signal to my mixing board... I do Karaoke shows and live events that require more channels for instruments and mics. Please keep me in the loop if you have any suggestions as to my sound problems.
I have gone back through settings on my software and can't see, where effects may be applied to the music from the computer. Thank you and I hope you figure this out. I'll check back.

Posté Wed 12 Jun 19 @ 3:34 am
trevcdaPRO InfinityMember since 2008
I haven't had a chance to delve back into this, but will report back when I do. Thanks for the suggestions. I know I'm definitely going to be bringing my control surface/external sound card with me from know on, even if I don't intend use it!

Posté Fri 14 Jun 19 @ 5:50 pm
I would not rely on the internal sound card.
Perhaps a small external sound card would be a better option

Posté Sat 15 Jun 19 @ 9:03 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
It may help:
I got "anemic" sound some time ago every time i plugged the controller - Hercule 4-MX for info. The reason was High Mid and Low sliders not being in sync with VDJ software.
Turning them to 0% then to 100% and back to 50% fixed the sound

Posté Sat 15 Jun 19 @ 9:41 am
trevcdaPRO InfinityMember since 2008
And I'm back. Fixed. Maybe. Sort of... I did several things. First thing I did was update to the latest version. Something I was very reluctant to do the day of the gig. I don't know how much this may or may not have had to do with it, as it the issue was still present after doing so. The next thing I did was go into Speakers/HP Properties -->Effects and disable system effects. It was an improvement, but not by much. It was not the fix I was hoping for. Then I went into the advanced tab and toggled the default audio format from 16bit, 44100hz (CD Quality) to 24bit , 192000hz (Studio Quality) and, BAM, there it was! So I toggled back to Studio and it was fine. Restored defaults and it sucked again. Performed the above and got it back again. Restored again; no change. I'm not sure I "fixed" it, but if it happens again, I've got someplace to go. Now if I could just figure the screwy auto pitch feature that seems to have enabled itself...

Posté Thu 20 Jun 19 @ 2:24 am