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Sujet BUILD 5002 (2019-05-30) -Don't apply master volume to recording
How can we control the recording level in BUILD 5002 other than zeroDB? Are we now limited to -1, -3, -6, -9, -12dB? I suppose -12dB would be fine, but I prefer more headroom for recording 4 or more tracks and leaving room for drops and effects. I was using a combination of -6dB and Master Volume 40 - 50% to dial it in perfectly, but now I feel more limited.

I guess I could always do a volume adjustment in the DAW to give the extra needed headroom, but I prefer the previous build's control since I use a headphone amp and only record at home.

I understand some people would prefer it this way now, but it would be nice if we could have an option to choose between both settings. How about a Recording Level Knob added to the Master Panel? I suppose that's not possible? or what about up to -18dB zeroDB as an option?

Posté 6 days ago @ 2:20 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Just type your desired -dB into options

Posté 6 days ago @ 7:00 am
Thanks, I thought I've tried that, but now it works!

Posté 6 days ago @ 7:24 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
I'm not sure why you would want that though. If you need 18dB headroom in your recorded mix you are basically saying that the normal track playing is at - 18dB, but then there will be parts in your mix where you have 4 tracks playing at the same time without equalization and add a drop on top making the mix 18dB louder at these points.

I don't think it will be very comfortable for the audience of your mix and I guess they would be running to the volume control at those moments

Posté 6 days ago @ 7:48 am
No, that's not what I'm saying, Adion. Producers mix at around -15 to -18dB to allow room for anything. This procedure I was referring to isn't for a live audience, but just for a demo production mix situation only. DJ music's already mastered and doesn't need much these days. I sometimes add loops, drops/liners with effects, or instruments, but I like to save as much as space as possible for experimenting.

I usually just prefer with up to 4 songs blending and maybe 1 loop (filtered of course), some samples or effects and 1 drop playing to have around -7 to -8dB of final headroom. I rarely use compression or VST or EQ plugins, but I don't like to get too close to where I wouldn't have room to try out some creative things. Also, it creates very thick waveforms and I like that to be near the final stages of the mix. I can flange in and do double beats easier this way while hearing it clearly.

Lately, I've been applying a High-Density EQ gain of only around +0.02dB or less, and a limiter with a volume adjustment to get me right up to 0 or -1, -2, or -3dB for the loudest parts of the final mix, but sometimes I'd like to experiment with new VSTs and it's just a convenience to not have to make extra adjustments or waste extra CPU than what's necessary.

locodog, gave the solution of typing in the exact zeroDB needed and this solves my situation. Thanks for the information! I'm buying my VDJ license today!

Posté 6 days ago @ 5:15 pm
You can't go over when recording with VDJ anyway, because of the built in limiter on the master output that cannot be disabled. It's always there, protecting from overload.

Granted it doesn't sound very nice when/if it kicks in (there are better sounding plugins) but it keeps things in check.

I don't quite get why so much headroom is necessary either, because surely you're keeping an eye on the level meters as you're DJing?

Posté 6 days ago @ 5:33 pm
I let VDJ8 do the auto gain thing and fine tune things as needed. I feel recorded music was meant to be dynamic, going from loud to quit as a film does. It's more of convenience and I feel I can hear things better when they're quieter as long as I have a headphone amp to boost the signal as needed. Again, it's for a multi-tracked production Mix situation only and my personal style.

I take my recorded mix segments and place them into the DAW and flange them into place. If you're mixing 2 tracks or 4 tracks as a live mix this isn't necessary with VDJ.

By the way, I'm Officially a VDJ Controllerist now!

Posté 6 days ago @ 5:57 pm
Modern music? Dynamic? Anything but, in most cases! Most stuff now is sent through a maximizer and the waveform looks like a ruler. :-)

Posté 6 days ago @ 6:26 pm
I guess the zeroDB of -12dB really is the max. If I type in anything greater it goes back to the default.

Posté 3 days ago @ 7:20 am