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Sujet Windows Priority, permanent abovenormal setting
Hey I know you can change priority setting in task manager in windows 10, but saw if you
Did a command prompt you could set the priority to aboveNormal all the time when computer starts. Would like to do this but cant figure the command prompt to do it.
Can you type it out so I can just copy paste it please.
Also is there away to shut down all other programs except what's needed for VDj, video, controller, etc??

Posté Wed 17 Jul 19 @ 5:11 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Is there any reason why you need to do this?

Posté Wed 17 Jul 19 @ 5:12 pm
Like to just run virtual by itself, no interruption or possible slow downs, never had a problem but I play festivals and other large events and just want to make sure

Posté Wed 17 Jul 19 @ 6:01 pm
PhilWPRO InfinityMember since 2011
I know this is oversimplified, but if VDJ is the only thing running, setting a higher priority will have no effect.

Also, it’s not usually CPU-intensive and I’ve had no trouble even with other applications running while playing. Of course, if you’re playing an important event, don’t do that.

Posté Thu 18 Jul 19 @ 2:30 pm