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Sujet Numark N4 dont show up in sound configuration.
On friday, We had a power surge at a gig. After restarting my laptop and connecting my Numark N4, the numark don't show under sound configurations. I then plugged in a friend of mine's Numark N4 controller and it do show under sound config. Is it maybe the usb output on the controller that is faulty.

Can someone please assist me


Posté Mon 12 Aug 19 @ 6:14 am
try it on another computer if that doesn't work it maybe have been damaged by the surge.

Posté Mon 12 Aug 19 @ 10:34 am
on second thought not sure how a home user is doing gigs with a controller?

if you are using cracked software that could be part of the problem.

Posté Mon 12 Aug 19 @ 12:36 pm