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Sujet mp4 files
As everyone knows Virtual dj supports MP4 files ..I have a problem..since I bought the software.. I see on the screen the company logo at the top right..with that I can live..but at the bottom of the screen I see a waveform of round and rectangle. .Something similar to a key bothers me in showing songs with lyrics.Please help me solve this.

Posté Fri 27 May 22 @ 5:09 am

Posté Fri 27 May 22 @ 8:00 am
t y...Thank you. For me, this function is in the options in the settings of the video....

Posté Fri 27 May 22 @ 9:05 am
LIMOLPRO InfinityMember since 2003
if you want to remove the company logo
check VideoLogo to No

Posté Fri 27 May 22 @ 10:53 am
the vd is great for karaoke but the words appear a few millisecond after the is like happens on a PC and not on a Mac M1... What CAN I do?

Posté Wed 08 Jun 22 @ 7:36 am
You can adjust the videoDelay setting.
However, are you sure that the GPU of your PC is capable to run properly at whatever specs are required by your display ?

I mean if your PC doesn't have a powerful GPU and you try to connect at a 4K display @60Hz as an example, it's actually your GPU that causes the delay, not the software.

M1 MACS have a GPU than can handle 4K@60Hz pretty fine. Most likely that's the reason you don't get delays on MAC but you get on PC.

Posté Wed 08 Jun 22 @ 9:59 am
I tend to agree with you .. the pc computer is Surface Pro 3
When its available storage capacity is about 3 gigabytes ... In addition, the computer is connected to a portable external monitor in hdmi format..all this is heavy for the processor.
I will try to increase the storage of the volume and use the external screen
In vga format
I have another question for you:How can I save the bpm of songs without the option of mix recording?
T y

Posté Sun 12 Jun 22 @ 2:20 pm
this is the end:
Since I feel part of the family -11 years - I put the keys on the table and leave. Because of the financial conduct of the company. This month I paid twice as a subscription for the software ... all my explanations and arguments did not help me.God truly loves justice.

Posté Tue 28 Jun 22 @ 5:53 am