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inMusic is the parent company for a family of premier brands that includes AIR Music Technology, Akai Professional, Alesis, Alto Professional, ION Audio, M-Audio, MixMeister, Numark, Denon DJ and Sonivox. Committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the DJ, music production, live sound, musical instrument, pro audio, and consumer electronics industries, each of inMusicʼs brands creates cutting-edge products that incorporate and build upon the latest in engineering, design, and technology.

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RobRoy écrit le Fri 17 Apr 15
Hi Simon.... nice to meet you on Musikmesse .... just added you .-)
sbangs écrit le Mon 26 May 14
Soon it will join :)
djdad écrit le Sun 25 May 14
You missed Denon logo from your new avatar :P Nice one though ;)
mamachicha écrit le Sun 15 Jan 12
Total control
djwaris écrit le Sat 24 Sep 11
hey where do i find samplers??
sbangs écrit le Tue 09 Aug 11
If you would like to speak to technical support directly regarding your issue please contact us or post here.


Numark Technical Support

Phone: 401-658-3131 (Mon. - Fri. 8:30am - 4:30pm, EST)
Email support:

United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1252 353850 (Mon. - Fri. 9am - 6pm, GMT)
Email support:

Phone: +49 369 29657906 (Mon. - Fri. 9:00 - 13:00 and
14:00 - 17:00, CET)
Email support:
danilson.tav écrit le Thu 07 Apr 11
hello, i need ASIO DRIVER fro numark trackpro for virtual dj...please
tonyunik écrit le Sun 23 Jan 11
i am having trouble with my virtual dj not reading or even seeing in the browser wma files, i dounloaded the flipformac pgm, then what do i do? sorry i am not too familiar with mac yet
2tone188 écrit le Sun 28 Nov 10
HI Skyfxl, I've been recommended to contact you with an issue I am having. I am using an idj3 with virtual dj le. I have rca (red & whites) cables running from the mixer output into my home theater receiver input, but I am not getting any sound. I know that this setup should work because I had previously had an idj3 running on mixvibes set up this way with no problems. I am not sure what is causing the conflict with the sound. I also am not able to hear any sound in my headphones as far as the cue goes. This is also something that worked fine on the older idj3 with mixvibes. I opened up a ticket, but when we couldn't get it resolved they said youre the man to go to. Any help to get me up and running would be greatly appreciated.
soundtecuk écrit le Fri 05 Nov 10
Hi Skyfxl

Can you help ....!!

I've had a problem with my Laptop on the video side of Vdj.

Basically If i'm running Vdj and want to select a different folder full of imagaes with in the slideshow part of the program, It will allow me to open a folder and choose a new set of pictures.

The problem araise when i try to close the folder down. The folder which has been opened freezes and the i can't close the folder down fully.

To unfreeze the opened folder i Cont Alt Del at this point the froozen folder unlocks and closes down

I don't have to use any of the feature ie task manager all i have to do is close the page down and then the froozen folder has closes

at this point my video output to my tv monitor freezes and i have to reactivate the video tick box with in config / Video.

If i have not got a tv pluged into the laptop (via HDMI) none of the above happens, it only freezes when i have my external tv pluged in.

My laptop is a samsung R580
Windows 7 Home Premium
Core i3 32 Bit
M330 2.13 + 2.13
3bg Ram
Direct x 11
ge force NVidia 310M
Dedicated Ram 512

If you could help or point me in the right direction it would be appreciated


alvaromuniz écrit le Tue 12 Oct 10
Hey bro it's been a while since my last message to you but I think that you're the one to go to for these things my question is what is the procedure to follow in order to Rewire VDJ Pro 7 wuth Ableton live? Again thanks man.
ableobject écrit le Sat 18 Sep 10
Whats up bro.. I seen you had a mac formatted serato skin could you send that too me Thanx alot
dJ_ro_(ecu) écrit le Fri 03 Sep 10
Hola amigo..... Te añadi a mis amigos... Espero que acesptes... Saludos desde Ecuador (Rodrigo Lloacana)