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Sujet Lets Dance - Superheros 1

Posté Fri 28 Sep 18 @ 6:32 pm
how do i use this cant seem to find where its stored on computer

Posté Fri 28 Sep 18 @ 7:36 pm
Should be shown under sampler banks, see image


Posté Fri 28 Sep 18 @ 8:22 pm
Cool stuff :)
A bit off-topic, but since you seem to have made a few of them recently:
How about a Halloween pack to use later this month?

Posté Tue 02 Oct 18 @ 5:32 am
I think you put all the vdjsample files from both packs into the first pack zip file

Posté Tue 02 Oct 18 @ 6:43 am
hello found under samples ..... but wont come onto screens plays but nothing appears

Posté Fri 05 Oct 18 @ 7:33 pm
It works ok for me
Like this:

Posté Fri 05 Oct 18 @ 9:41 pm
newmskiHome userMember since 2005
Many thanks for the add on's. They look pretty well done and great!
Is there a chance though of anymore DC characters please?
A Superman one would be awesome!
Great work though, keep it up!
Thanks again.

Posté Tue 09 Oct 18 @ 9:14 pm
I'm I the only one with the latest 2020 update for who this addon always makes VDJ crash?
Complete freeze, have to reboot all the time.

Posté Mon 04 May 20 @ 5:31 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Some kinds of artefacts on screen in 64bit but no crash

Posté Mon 04 May 20 @ 5:39 am